January 25, 2011 Haiti

Update January 25, 2011

Days are full here.  I am more and more consumed with Invasion and the future God is opening to these nine young men.  This group is the fulfillment of a dream I have had for many years.  Usually, they are high energy, but tonight, you can view them on YouTube, dancing in the rubble to Toby Mac’s City on our Knees!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuZIYkQWQXA

A work team of nine men is arriving on Thursday, so we will prepare for them in the morning.  The three young ladies are still here.  What a blessing they are!  Olrich and his wife, Michelle, have a new baby boy, Christopher Terry, so the ladies will move to his house tomorrow to help Michelle with the baby and hopefully, Olrich can sleep, too! 

More tomorrow…


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