January 26, 2010 Haiti

Update January 26, 2010

I’m really excited to see how the Body of Christ is coming together to help Haiti.  Four trucks are being prepared to ship the first of next week. When they arrive in Orlando, they will be in perfect running order!  We will fill them completely with supplies and tools necessary to continue the work in Carrefour.  

Thank you for praying!!!   Already an answer has come… The shipping company told us that customs is FREE for vehicles and supplies coming in for this emergency. 

These churches throughout the country not only located the trucks, but are paying for them, preparing them for shipping,  paying to get them to Orlando and paying to get them on the ship!  Each truck will have a ‘maintenance kit’ included (tools, filters, etc) to keep it going, so Terry doesn’t have to think about anything!  God is SO good!  He is taking the load off Terry so he can just minister to the people.  

We are so blessed with the teams God is sending:  medical, maintenance, media, and construction.  Soon, we should be efficient in distributing food and necessary supplies so we can rebuild walls and lives! 

Tonight, Terry returned from the Santo Domingo with more visitors!  It’s a lot of work as teams and Haitian staff learn to work together for one purpose!  Our people are tired.  They haven’t slept well since the earthquake!  Please pray for them. 

LouLou answered the office phone today.  She was our first cook and worked with us for 15 years, then left to raise her three girls.  For many years, we rarely saw her.  One day, I called her and said ‘LouLou, Pastor Terry needs some bonbon’ (cookies)! She came over and baked a batch of oatmeal, then chocolate chip cookies.  She never forgot a recipe! 

My LouLou is back!  Today she is teaching our cook, Cebo (who was our car mechanic), what I taught her, and Cebo is teaching LouLou what Terry taught him!   She is the only Haitian who really knows me!  She can walk into the house, see what I am doing and jump in to help without asking a question!  Now, younger women from the church have been coming to learn what she knows.  This week, each of them has served as cook, house cleaner, receptionist and whatever else is required.  It’s beautiful to see!

This was His plan all along…for this day when we would need all those whom we have taught and trained for years!

Continue to pray!  There are so many angles to work on at the same time to rebuild a city, then a nation!  God is answering your prayers as soon as you pray.  Focus on fuel and housing next.  

I want to share something I received today.  May it be a prayer of thanksgiving from your heart.

Lord, I just want to say THANK YOU, because this morning I woke up and knew where my children were. Because this morning my home was still standing, because this morning I am not crying because my husband, my child, my brother or sister needs to be buried, after being brought out from underneath a pile of concrete, because this morning I was able to drink a glass of water, because this morning I was able to turn on the light, because this morning I was able to take a shower, because this morning I was not planning a funeral, but most of all I thank you this morning because I still have life and a voice to cry out for the people of Haiti.

Lord I cry out to you, the One that makes the impossible, possible, the One that turns darkness into light; I cry out that You give those mothers strength, that you give them peace that surpasses all understanding, that You may open the streets so that help can come, that you may provide doctors, nurses, food, water, and all that they need in a blink of an eye. For all those that have lost family members, give them peace, give them hope, give them courage to continue, to go on!

Protect the children and shield them with your power.  I pray all this in the Name of Jesus!!!

To all my friends please continue to forward this so that we can pray together for the people in Haiti.  We here are truly blessed!!!!!

Thanks again for praying.  We NEED you!



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