January 30, 2010 Haiti

Update January 30, 2010

I just got off the phone with Terry and have more answers to prayer to report to you!!!  Wow!  You are praying and touching heaven!  Today, Olrich, our Administrator, went to the Mayor of Carrefour to ask for help.  He agreed to go to a local hospital that is cracked and unable to be used, open the gate and allow our doctors to go into the hospital and take all the medical equipment and medicine they can find for our clinic!  We will then open the second level of the Auditorium for surgery.  God is GOOD! 

Not only that…  our Mayor has agreed to help us clean our property next to the church so we will be ready to set up the large tent when it arrives!  He will come to our house tomorrow after church to see what we are doing.

Not only that…  We found a nice piece of property today FOR SALE, just 15 minutes from our church.  Until now, all we could find was rental property and not adequate for our purposes.  We need to own so we can develop it!  There are 5,000 people squatting on the property!  The Mayor was the one responsible for putting them there, so he said he and the police can remove them if we buy it! 

This property is about four times the size of the property our house sits on!  There are no buildings on it.  The land is cleaned.  We could pour a large cement slab and set up tents.  It was originally being developed for housing!  It has a paved street and curbs already in!  This could be developed as a model city where we could start with tents and as we have money and equipment, can begin to build apartments for the tent-dwellers while they are still in tents!   There may even be room to have a clinic and grocery store as well.  We don’t know yet.  It’s difficult to see the size when it is wall-to-wall people!  We will explore the possibilities seriously. 

Pray that it is preserved for us and people don’t start building on it, thinking it is theirs.  Land is almost impossible to find, especially a piece of land big enough for housing.  The Owner’s asking price is $700,000. Pray that we can negotiate the price for $500,000.  Land, as you know, in Haiti has always been expensive and is cash upfront!   We serve a BIG God!  This is a lot of money to us, but to Him, it is just pocket-change!  We have been praying for housing and a place to put our first Tent City when the tents arrive from Singapore!  Here is the answer!  Thank you for praying…  Don’t stop now! 

This is our day!  This is the time we have worked and waited for to show forth the glory of God in this nation!  The whole city is already amazed that our buildings are standing, when all is down around us.  Wait until they see what God is about to do now! 

I’m so glad you’re a part of our team!  If you can pray, pray fervently!  If you can give, give generously!   Land is at a premium and won’t last long.  We were the first to look at it with a purpose in mind.  “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord.” 

I love being the Reporter!  Am I excited?  YES I AM!


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