January 30, 2011 Haiti

Update January 30, 2011

The building team is here, digging the foundation for the wall that came down around our house.  Tomorrow, they plan to pour the concrete and go from there to build the wall. 

Church of Light continues to ‘get ready’ as the Spirit of God confronts us about daily issues in our lives.  We must be ready to handle whatever God is bringing to this country and we know we have a vital part to play!  We are daily praying for a new Haiti to emerge from the corruption and misery that stares us in the face constantly. 

Today, again, we saw many people ministered to by a word of knowledge and receive much deliverance from bondage in their lives.  Our church is packed with people who are looking for more of God, waiting to see Him demonstrate Himself.  Another 18 people gave their hearts to Jesus today, lifting their hands and eagerly expecting Him to bring immediate change to their lives. 

We continue to remain so busy here… If I don’t get a chance to write every day, please review the two YouTube entries.  Tell everyone you know to view them and give us your positive feedback.  It means so much to our Staff here.   

Beauty will Rise (from the rubble)   www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R83k7BuWwU

City on our Knees (performed by Invasion) www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuZIYkQWQXA

Tell everyone you know.  The guys in Invasion have been so shocked how the numbers continue to grow each day.  They are beginning to realize that we are serious about investing in them and sharing them with the world!




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