January 31, 2010 Haiti

Update January 31, 2010

It’s Sunday!  We had a great service this morning.  The yard was packed with people! Twelve more gave their lives to Jesus!  This is what it is all about…  helping them in this life, but preparing them for eternity! 

Last night, while everyone was asleep in our camp, the Mayor of Carrefour had workers cleaning our lot next to the church in preparation for the 40×80 tent!  It was half done by daybreak and should be finished tonight.  Our Mayor told Terry that he is giving him the KEY to the City, what’s left of it!! 

He went with our team of doctors, opened the gate to the abandoned hospital and assisted in finding medical equipment for us for our clinicMuch of what they found was new and still under plastic, because the Haitian doctors didn’t know what to do with it; it was too modern!  Our doctors know what to do with it!  This complex has been under the control of the Haitian government for some time.  The hospital is crumbling, but there are other buildings on the property that are safe and can be used.  The Mayor of Carrefour cleared us to be able to do whatever we want here.  Today, we acquired more property!  They also have a generator so we don’t have to use our big one.

Now, we shift gears again… we can set up a clinic on this property instead of Light Auditorium.  We have several buildings in which to do many different things! 

We had just finished with the Clinic, when we learned that the U.S. Army came in today and set up a base in Carrefour!  The Mayor introduced Terry to the Colonel: ‘This is my Pastor.  If you can’t find me, you deal with Pastor Terry!  If he needs security, you give it to him.  If he needs food, you give it to him!’  Then Terry took the Colonel for a ride to see the church, the house and the police station.  When he took him back to the base, he filled up our car with MRE food.  Terry gave it to Pastor Mentor, our associate, who has a church full of hungry people.  The Colonel said ‘You can have as much as I have;  I’ll give it ALL to you!’  We are working on getting gas from them also.  The U.S. Military is now in our City… such convenience and such security for our people!

Now that we are about to receive ALL the food for Carrefour, and we have a medical facility, we can store food at our church for distribution.  We will need military security to be able to do that!  The Haitian police cannot do the job.   In our area, we are now Heroes, because we are the only ones helping the people.  Because of that, we feel safe.  Isn’t it wonderful to step in line with the Spirit of God and watch where He takes you?  As exhausting as all of this is, we rejoice!!!     

Until the airport is open in Port-au-Prince, Terry must drive to the Dominican Republic to shop for food, supplies and pick up waiting teams.  This is a tiring 8-hour trip, one way. At this point, he is the only one to do the job.  Tuesdays are now set aside for this run, so pray for him, especially on Tuesdays. Pray our airport opens soon! That will save so much time and energy.

Continue to pray.  Every day proves to be greater than the day before!  God is GOOD!  He has a plan and we are finding it, day by day!


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