July 18, 2010 Haiti

Update July 18, 2010

Every day,  our people get more and more revelation of Who God is and the authority He has given them in this life!

Voodoo can no longer affect us!  When new people come to Church of Light, bound by the devil, our young people are quick to recognize that spirit and cast it out! 

In the same way we rooted out the spirit of witchcraft, we must now get rid of the poverty that controls our people.  First, we judge ourselves; then speak what God speaks about our condition and battle against the devil in the Spirit.  When we get together to pray, we PRAY; we touch heaven and shake hell!  You’ve never prayed until you pray with Haitians who are led by the Holy Ghost in prayer! 

We will continue to root out poverty!  Deliverance and freedom from poverty must come to Church of Light and filter out into every neighborhood in Haiti. 

Last Sunday, we had our first breakthrough!  When Terry said ‘It’s time to give…’ the whole place exploded!  People jumped out of their seats and shouted and danced forward, offerings in hand!  When we counted the offering; it was 4,000 Haitian Dollars, about ten times what they usually give! 

Today, offering time was the same!  It wasn’t so long ago that, when we mentioned the offering, there was complete silence as they hung their heads in shame.  They quote ‘Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…’  but remained poor.

The only way out of poverty is to give!  How can you give when you are poor?  You start where you are…  You let the Holy Spirit shine a light into your heart, revealing the reasons for poverty.  You deal with those reasons, then you begin to give what you can! 

Today our people are dealing with shame.  They are examining their own hearts and attitudes and are getting rid of jealousy toward those who have income.  They are getting rid of pride and rebellion.  They are giving

They now understand that it is not God’s will for them to never have their needs met.  They now see this spirit of poverty that has attached itself to their families for many generations must be broken off of them if this country is to survive.  No amount of outside help will meet the need.  They must take authority in the Name of Jesus over their own lives, rooted in poverty!

It is no longer enough to quote God’s Word about giving, but to act on His Word and give!  If they don’t give, they will never have anything to give…

Terry and I know giving is their only way out, for we have proven it in our own lives and ministry.  We love to give!  Whenever we see lack coming our way, we give!  Because He is faithful to His Word, we are able to move forward.   

The Haitian people need to see that God is their Provider. He is their only Source!  When they abide by God’s laws, God is Faithful to give back to them!  Conditions in the Bible are not to bind us but, when we abide by those conditions, the devil is automatically bound by God’s Word! 

This is the reason we can continually move forward…  We judge ourselves, we obey God’s Word and we give!  He multiplies our giving and others are blessed!  Terry and I live to give!  When we see Haitians giving cheerfully, we know they will soon see results of their giving and know the joy of obedience! 



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