July 22, 2010 Haiti

Update July 22, 2010

Thank you for responding to my updates.  Each day, I look forward to hearing from you in the same way you wait to hear from me!

Here are some recent responses.  To know you are praying for progress in all we do among the Haitians is such an encouragement!

Regarding victory as we attack the spirit of poverty:

– Hallelujah!!! What a miracle. I’ve been awaiting the day when I would hear that bit of news. I’m rejoicing that the Haitians have gotten the revelation of Giving; now they we see the abundance come to their lives. It must have been glorious to see the people dance = one day we’ll see it on the web site!  It’s great to hear that they’ve been speaking the Word. I’m realizing that we need more time to speak the Word in our churches. We give to much too mental assent to the messages preached, but don’t have the Word deeply rooted in our lives  –  

– This was WELL worth the read again.   

God is SO unique, who would have thought (not what you are taught in schools or politics) that to get more you have to give away what you have. Holding tight on what you have, or using it all for yourself, never does you any good.  

It’s so great to hear of the people moving on. Imagine that if the World sees the Haitians pull themselves out of the situation!!! – 

– A timely and great message for not only Haitians, but North Americans as well.  Thanks for the reminder. Praying for doors to fling open and provisions to pour forth. –    

Regarding Mama Sherly’s death:

– Oh, what a bittersweet story. I am so grateful to hear that Sherly’s mother had such glorious last days here on earth. And how beautiful to hear how she spoke into her children’s lives before moving on to be home with her Father. I will certainly be praying for Sherly and her family. Please give her my love and let her know I am praying, praying that many would come to the Lord through the service Saturday morning. – 

– Yes, you got it right! It is the Baptism With the Holy Spirit! What an edifying story of God’s power in one’s life Ac 1:8!  

Yes, preach the message of salvation & invite them to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Then boldly, invite the people to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost  

Ac 2:38, the Power that will empower the people to live for Christ & to witness Him! As you invite the people to respond, they will! Lk 11:13 states ‘If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?’ Teach them how to receive Baptism With the Holy Spirit!  

My daily prayers are with you! Keep up the good work in establishing God’s kingdom in Haiti! May God grant you favor, wisdom, strength, protection & help! Amen! – 

– I will be praying for Sherly & the family. I will be praying as Terry shares, that ears will be open to hear & hearts will be open to receive the salvation message. – 

Please continue to pray for the “Celebration” service on Saturday morning.  The family is greatly encouraged, knowing you stand with them in prayer.

Continue to pray for us as we tackle plans to rebuild our city.  It’s an awesome responsibility!  God told us over 20 years ago that we would do it, so it’s no surprise, but we need daily wisdom and guidance that only HE can give!  I guess Nehemiah was probably a bit overwhelmed at times, but God was there to instruct and lead him… just look at the results!









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