July 23, 2010 Haiti

Update July 23, 2010

We continue to host teams from every walk of life.  In two weeks, we will have a team of teenagers again.  Just to see how the Spirit of God speaks into their lives during their stay is really exciting for us!    

Recently, we had a team from Somebody Cares.  This is a little of what they experienced the few days we had together: 

Somebody Cares took a team of pastors and leaders to Haiti for a Leadership Conference to a network of about 700 Haitian pastors led by Doug (Stringer) and attended by Pastor Terry Nelson and several of the leaders from Church of Light.

Several on the team were thoroughly impressed with the makeshift hospital that they (Light Ministries) had created on the fly after the earthquake.  We witnessed a spirit of excellence in every area.   They may not have had a lot, but they were willing to share out of what they did have. 

We witnessed that first-hand as Light Ministries graciously and lavishly hosted our team Saturday night before Doug Stringer was to preach at the church on Sunday…  (When asked if they needed a miracle during the service, over 300 responded to the altar call.)

Pastor Marti Owens, team member from Houston, Texas said she was impressed with the way Pastor Terry is teaching members to give out of their need- the way out of poverty is not dependent on others, but on their giving in obedience and the Lord’s faithfulness. At Church of Light, the Haitian people are learning that God is their source and they will break out of poverty by giving!

Light Ministries has a vision and a plan for the future.  The Word says that without a vision the people perish.  Pastor Terry has both a vision and a plan to assist the Haitians to fulfill that vision.  He took us to the mountaintop and shared his vision for City of Light

While in the natural, Haiti has seen much adversity, God is using this church as a standard for the nation.  The people at Church of Light are becoming the Pearl of the Caribbean – expressing the beauty of the Lord – borne out of the adversity they have endured.

Continue to pray for us that, as we host teams, we can impart vision to them for this nation.  God is not done with Haiti!  In fact, we are just beginning to see His hand free to do what He has promised!  It is a joy to be a part of His plan for a new Haiti.

Thank you for believing in us.  Thank you for supporting us in prayer and finances.  Thanks for coming to visit us, to see first-hand what God is up to!


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