July 25, 2010 Haiti

Update July 25, 2010

The service today was amazing!  God is dealing with “little things” in our lives that are not right, and many are responding.  This morning, about 200 people came forward to get clean before God.  Three people were saved.  That always is such a great joy for the whole church! 

Church of Light is becoming a beacon to the nation, just as God said it would be!  

Guess what else… Sherly’s father received Jesus Christ as his Savior today, too!  Sherly is one of our worship leaders, whose mother went home to heaven last week.  (Her funeral was yesterday). We  have prayed for her father for a long time.  He didn’t live with Sherly’s mom.  He did not treat her well and was not faithful to her.  He did not know Jesus

After the funeral, he began to think about his own condition.  He said he always made it difficult for her, but yesterday, he was so shocked to see how many people knew and loved her.  She really had a big family he didn’t even know!  He recognized who she really was, and that what she had in Christ was what he needed.  He said, “I was very wrong.  Now, I want to follow in the way she knew…” and today, he committed his life to Christ! 

One of Sherly’s brothers, living in the Dominican Republic, came home for the funeral.  He said he used to hear bad things about our church, but… “now I know what I heard is not true.”  He said “It is very powerful at that church!  The Pastor doesn’t even use notes…  He speaks the Bible without ever reading the Bible!  It’s like it’s in his head!” 

Yes, lives are changed because Terry has ‘knowledge’ of the Word because he has hidden God’s Word in his heart but the fact is, Terry knows the Author of the Word and when the Holy Spirit speaks through him, things happen… lives are changed!  It is God confirming HIS Word!

God is good!  Thanks for praying.  This is just the beginning of the harvest from yesterday’s funeral ‘celebration’.


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