June 13, 2010 Haiti

Update June 13, 2010

Wow!  What a service today… again!  Praise and worship time was lively and anointed!  The drama team did a wonderful presentation!  Then the gifts of the Spirit began to operate and many were healed – all before the preaching by Doug Stringer.  When he finished preaching, about 300 people came forward to get rid of things in their lives that have been keeping them from walking in holiness.  Then five more came forward with tears in their eyes, to be saved!  Now, that is church! 

Our visiting team of eight from Somebody Cares, along with a couple from the Dominican Republic, a builder from Orlando and an architect from California stayed overnight with us.  They were so excited to stay in a clean place with hot showers, electricity, air conditioning and home-cooked meals!  They loved it after ‘camping’ elsewhere last week.  They were also impressed with the mountain land.  Well, they just loved everything… especially the discipline and the integrity in Light Ministries and Church of Light.  What a compliment that is to us!  We have worked hard for many years to establish these things in our people.  It’s great when others recognize it after traveling throughout Haiti.  And… one of the Dominicans got saved today after the service at our house!  God is good!

Continue to pray for us as we work with teams of professionals and other ministries to rebuild this nation.  God has a plan and we must know it to see a new HaitiOnly God could put together these teams!  We don’t know them, but what a joy they have been to us!  To see the Haitians rise up to serve is equally a joy! 

Terry will ‘touch-down’ in Orlando in the morning.  We have set appointments and will pack to return to Haiti on Thursday, ready for the next challenges in rebuilding our city

Thanks for your prayers.  They are keeping us charged!


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