June 19, 2010 Haiti

Update June 19, 2010

WE DID IT! We finally got the trucks out of customs! The dump truck, Jeep and bobcat are now in Carrefour! The gas tank on the dump truck was sent full, but we found it drained dry! The radiator was damaged, but we got everything out, fixed and driven home, so we are relieved. Thanks so much for your prayers. I know you have kept this in the forefront and we are so grateful! The 1000 folding chairs are still on the way. Continue to pray for hassle-free delivery!

Every day, we hear testimonies of how God is protecting our people. This week, Vladamir and his cousin were asked to accompany a friend to the bank to pick up $10,000 his family had sent from the States to buy a car. They were unable to go, so he found two other guys who went with him. He received the money and when he arrived home, one of them shot and killed him and stole his money. One of the murderers has been arrested; the other is still on the loose. Vladamir told me, with tears in his eyes, that the worst part of the story is:  This friend didn’t know Jesus.

Time is short, the days are evil. We must be in tune with Him every moment. There is an increase of desperation, resulting in lawlessness.  Pray for safety for us and our people.

Last night at prayer meeting, God spoke to our church that there were doors opening to us that would amaze us and, if we would walk through them, without hesitation, blessing would greet us! He said before the end of the year, five big doors would open – one very soon and four to follow. “When they open, step through them, even though your mind would say it’s TOO big!” Pray for our people to step out in new levels of faith.

By tomorrow, we expect to hear testimonies of supernatural doors opening for our people! Pray they are courageous and walk through these doors that only God could open!

Thank you for your continual prayers and support for many huge projects that all demand our immediate attention. Don’t stop now! God is really on the move and we’re right by His side!


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