June 20, 2010 Update

Update June 20, 2010

Every day we see that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

Phalone had a hard breast for many months. Every morning, she had a discharge of pus.  She received prayer after the Spirit revealed her condition. She testified that she woke up the next morning to find her breast soft and no more discharge. She was praising God. She had been to the doctor and had many tests and they could not diagnose what it was. All she needed was Dr. Jesus!

A young lady had a father, living in the States, who was an alcoholic and a drug addict. She had not seen him since she was very young. One day, she decided she should pray for him. He called her the same night saying he wanted to have a relationship with her, that he was no longer drinking and doing drugs. He told her had changed! She said ‘I am a Christian now; I have changed too! Otherwise, I couldn’t forgive you for abandoning me!’ She was praising God!

Jean Philippe had an arm problem for many years. He couldn’t lift it; it was completely paralyzed.  He went to the doctor, but could find no solution. They gave him some salve and bandaged it. During Drama practice recently, Olrich asked if anyone was sick to step forward.  Jean Philippe said to himself, ‘If I step forward, I believe God will heal my arm’.   After prayer, it was time to go home. He felt no pain in his arm. When he got home, he tried to lift a big bucket of water and realized he was totally healed!   He has walked totally free from pain since that day and his arm is completely straight!

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and with Him, all things are possible! 

These are just a few recent examples of what your prayers and support are doing on a daily basis among our people.  Thank you for standing with us.


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