June 21, 2012 Haiti

God is still on the throne! He continues to prove Himself strong! Here is our June-July newsletter. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.


June-July 2012

Dear Family,

We are having a wonderful summer watching the Kingdom of God grow here! The church is becoming stronger and stronger!

Last Sunday, the Holy Spirit began to minister to the people and set Rodolpho and Sherly Merentie in the office of Associate Pastors. The people cheered and clapped as they saw the hand of God on them. How they love this couple! When they returned last year from Bible School in Singapore, they immediately stepped in to assist us. They have faithfully filled the pulpit when we’ve been out of the country and have a remarkable commitment to God and to our people. We are thrilled at what God has done!

We recently had a team with us from Menonomie, Wisconsin. What a blessing they were to us as they restored the roofs of the temporary ‘classrooms’ for new believers outside our house, ministered door-to-door and on the street with our outreach team, cleaned the medical storage depot, joined us for services at Church of Light and fellowshipped with us in our home.

Pastor Paul Carlson headed up this team from Liberty Christian Center. Pastor Paul was with us from the first minute of Light Ministries! He came to Haiti with us in 1982 and was the first full-time teacher at our early Bible School, Light Training Center, in Carrefour. He and his wife, Dana, left Haiti 25 years ago and this was a ‘reunion’ trip for him! Here are some highlights of what they experienced during their stay in Haiti:

Pastor Paul: For me it was a mind-blower after 25 years to come back here and see what’s going on with Light Ministries and the Haitian people.

A word that comes to me right away is perseverance. Let’s be real, Haiti has never been an easy country to live in. There are unique challenges that a person faces on a daily basis that you can’t even explain unless you’re here. Beyond all the chaos, political turmoil, this country has essentially been through a war. They face things that many of our soldiers would face, and have had to deal with the trauma of seeing countless people injured, killed, and their world turned upside down.

Despite all that, there is no question in the progress that I’ve seen. From the people that work with them, to the church, church services, this is definitely a light in a dark place. People’s lives are being transformed.

I’d encourage everybody to pray for what God is doing through Terry and Cary in the ministry. The best is yet to come!

Shara: What I’ve learned is that I’m not going to take things for granted. Back home you can just run to the store to get just about anything, but here you don’t have that convenience. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the volunteers here. It’s amazing how well they all work together to get things done and I will miss them a lot.

Katy: It’s great to see how joyous the people are here. The people here are very hospitable and welcoming. Back home, people aren’t nearly as inviting. At church people praise God in such a great way! Also, there is a little boy named Sammy, and it was really cute to see how he attaches himself to Pastor and Madame Terry. All these young guys call Madame Terry ‘Mom’, and it’s great to see that she is really stepping into the role.

Klarissa: I’m in awe of how passionate the people of the church are, and how they flow in the Spirit so freely. It really inspires me. At first the kids were really shy, but last night they made an effort to find us and they hugged us and held on to us! It was great to see them open up to us like that.

Kara: One thing that has really inspired me on this trip is the church and how joyous and open and fun it is here…from the worship, to how expressive they are. People are so open to praying in tongues here and moving in the Spirit, and it’s really inspiring to me. I’m very thankful for all the delicious food, hospitality, air conditioning, showers! It has been awesome and I didn’t know what to expect coming on this trip. God knows what we can handle! It was really fun to get to know a lot of new people, and even more fun to get to know the people in this mission group on a deeper level. We’ve bonded in a way I didn’t know was possible.

Jamey: What the people have to deal with in getting themselves to the church is extremely impressive to see the over 700 people in the services make their way to church. They are either walking or riding a tap-tap to get there! It’s so easy for us to complain to even get there in our own car. My first impression driving from the airport was how many people are constantly everywhere. The fields are ripe for harvest!

Neil: The people here are very friendly from the minute you meet them. My first impressions from the airport were complete devastation. It’s amazing to still see them happy and friendly. I really enjoyed working with the younger guys. These people are intelligent! I really enjoyed teaching some of the younger guys how to use some of the tools. They were eager to participate. All the way from the beginning church service, to ministering at the end, people were receptive, friendly and joyful.

Jon: I’d say the biggest thing is, the difference in the people inside the church and those outside. You can tell that what Pastor Terry and Madame Terry are doing here is real. The guys that we have been working and hanging out with have a complete boldness and confidence about them. The way they hold themselves and the way they speak to other Haitians, you can tell that there has been a real change in them.

Kyle: I’d have to say that, despite the circumstances and the differences in culture, the people here are not all that different from us. From being in the market seeing that the ladies were camera-shy, from the brothers here all picking on each other and hanging out, I’ve learned that it’s not that hard to relate to the people here. It makes it a lot easier when you are all coming together and worshiping the same God! Something else that really stuck out is that I will leave with a greater appreciation of the little things that I don’t realize (roads without potholes, clean streets and green grass). It’ll help me appreciate all the things that we take for granted.

Aaron: I just have to say that when you look around and see all the rubble and chaos, it’s really eye opening to see some people in shacks, and sacks that contain all their possessions. We take things for granted in America with all our stuff. It’s great to see these people who will do whatever they have to do to survive. The pastors here are helping spread light into those survivors. It’s really difficult to function when you don’t understand the language, so the translators have been an enormous blessing.

Mitchell: It’s really impressive to see how much the pastors have given up to obey God in being here. There is a level of convenience in the States that we take for granted and, coming here, I have been made aware of that. The seed they have sown has spread, and that’s obvious in going out and ministering how people know Light Ministries by name.

Steven: It’s been really great to get to know the people here in Haiti. I’ve experienced something here and formed relationships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have a great respect for Pastor Terry and Cary and how much they really do care about the people of Haiti. Being able to play with the worship team was an opportunity that I will never forget. The Holy Spirit is not affected by the language barrier, and it was great to see that the flow of the Spirit wasn’t interrupted by that. I love all the people here like brothers and sisters, and will miss them greatly.

Along with all the victories, come challenges from the enemy. We are in a battle now! We’ve been through scandal, extortion and every evil work in the past. The devil has no new tactics… He knows his day is coming. We know the greater the battle, the greater the victory! The Holy Spirit has already assured us that WE WIN! Please pray for us for wisdom to reverse the plan of the enemy.

This week, we are privileged to have Alex Papsch, a young man from Austria, join us in Haiti. He is a documentary film producer and had won several awards for his outstanding work. He wants to film Haiti since the earthquake, through the eyes of our guys in Invasion. It should be an exciting month for us as we travel throughout the country, walking out the land and claiming it for Jesus! Invasion’s YouTube entries are growing daily. We are in 69% of the world now! If you haven’t seen them, here are the links again:

City on our Knees http://youtu.be/VuZIYkQWQXA
Break Open the Sky http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc
Something Bigger http://youtu.be/SJ8j2sWDm1g
Shackles http://youtu.be/sHSxOLm8wV0

Thank you for your prayers and financial giving during these difficult summer months. Thank you for allowing us to represent you on the field… We take that very seriously.

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

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