June 22, 2010 Haiti

Update June 22, 2010

Every day, we still hear stories of what happened on January 12 when the earthquake struck so unexpectedly.

Today, I heard of a young man who went to his job.  While he was sitting in his office, he decided to re-arrange the furniture, something he had never done before! 

There was a big cabinet that faced him; he moved it next to him.  There was a water cooler next to his door where everyone would stop to get a drink.  ‘Let me put it next to my desk so I can control that,’ he thought.  Then he moved a heavy file cabinet next to the water cooler. 

While sitting at his desk, he felt something shakingThe wall behind him hit him on the head.  His head hit his desk so hard that it split in two and knocked him out!  The thing that kept him alive was the file cabinet and the big cabinet next to him, protecting him! 

When he ‘came to’ after three hours, he thought ‘If only I can get some water from the water cooler, someone will know I’m here.’   He struggled to get the bottle of water from the water cooler and poured some water in the trash can nearby, tipped the trash can and let it run.  ‘If there is someone there, they will see it.’  He knocked on the cement wall.  No one heard him.  Then someone saw water running and came to his rescue. 

This young man said ‘If I didn’t know God before, now I know He is real!’  He is a changed man since He totally committed his life to Him! 

Demolition is taking place on the buildings around us.  They are finding much and it brings up January 12 again.  Many are now opening up about what happened, re-living the day of the earthquake, some rejoicing while others are re-traumatized.   Most of our young believers have really matured, and for that we are so blessed! 


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