June 28, 2010 Haiti

Update June 28, 2010

Yesterday, after the morning service, we had a quick bite to eat and then started on our way to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for much-needed car parts and household supplies.  We save a lot in high shipping costs and customs by making this long trip to the DR.

We have wanted to do something personally for our household staff to say ‘Thank You’ for the tremendous job they did serving visiting teams after the earthquake.  They literally worked 24/7 for months, cooking, cleaning and washing clothes for hundreds of visitors. 

LouLou, Sebonnet and Marie Jude were thrilled when we asked them to come with us and even helped pay for their own visas to be able to experience something new.  None of them has ever been out of Haiti.  It has been fun each moment to watch them as, with wonder, they see the other side of the island!  They are amazed with stores, clean streets, nice roads and electricity!  What a contrast these two countries are!  They are beginning to visualize what a new Haiti could look like…

Our people at Church of Light are continuing to take responsibility for their own growth.  Yesterday, the altar was full with those who came forward to examine their hearts, readying themselves to take communion. 

Last week, they began painting the inside of the sanctuary in preparation for a wedding on Saturday, and they had a great time doing it!  Even though the conditions surrounding the Haitians are still unstable, it is great to see life get back to ‘normal’.  Life goes on!  It was also a joy to see all the repaired walls covered with a fresh coat of paint!  Today, they continued!

Continue to pray for much-needed finances!  We are working on the yard next to the church to get the gates up, the toilets in, the land paved and the tent erected. 

There is so much to be done yet, but every day we are so grateful for what God has done already through you!  Thanks so much for standing with usTogether, we will see a new Haiti!



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