June 3, 2010 Haiti

Update June 3, 2010

We are home!  We boarded the plane in Singapore on Tuesday, June 1 at 10:00 p.m. We had layovers in Tokyo and Chicago and arrived 32 hours later in Orlando!  It took a few days to get on the Singaporean time and now, we are fighting to get on a 12-hour time change again! 

The Asia Church Growth Conference was a tremendous experience!  There were 20,000 from 70 different countries and another 20,000+ locals registered for the conference.  Terry and I were so blessed with ‘royal treatment’.  Every day, we were picked up at our beautiful hotel and taken to the Expo center, where we were escorted into the service with reserved seating in the front, after having something to eat or drink.  It was awesome how they cared for their guests! 

There were meetings every morning, afternoon and until 10 p.m. each evening. We heard many well-known Christian leaders, like Dr. David Yonggi Cho (South Korea) Pastor of the largest church (780,000) in the world, Pastor Kong Hee (Singapore), Pastor of City Harvest Church, host of this event, A.R. Bernard (USA), one of New York’s most influential leaders with a 33,000-member Christian Cultural Center, Reinhard Bonkke (Germany), Evangelist with millions of decisions for Christ in his crusades throughout Africa, and many more from Australia, Malaysia and the USA.

One morning, they showcased Haiti!  Everyone viewed a multi-media presentation prepared from footage taken by the medical teams who came to help us after the earthquake.  When the presentation was finished, Pastor Kong Hee interviewed Terry.  It was a pleasure to represent Haiti!  After that presentation, everywhere we went, we were introduced to leaders and pastors from so many places around Asia and the world…  Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Honduras, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Netherlands and the USA. 

We received a strong message on our cultural mandate… for the church to reach out to the world and affect every aspect of it instead of the world affecting the church!  These were people of vision for a new Asia, full of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  We felt at home since we see the same for our Haiti!

On Saturday afternoon, our host, Pastor Kenneth Sim, set up a meeting with those who had come to Haiti immediately after the earthquake.  For me, that was a highlight as I finally got to meet and thank those who came to help while I was still in Orlando.  It was a special time!  

In many ways, the Asian church is far advanced from America.  They are hungry.  People are being saved and added to the church!  The youth are eager to serve God!  The praise and worship at City Harvest Church is very vibrant and aggressive.  This is a growing church with an attendance of 32,000.             

In our absence, Gary Harding filled our pulpit and many were born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and delivered from demons.  God is at work among our people, whether we are there or not!  We are so grateful!


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