June 6, 2010 Haiti

Update June 6, 2010

We had a good service this morning to a standing-room-only crowd! The Spirit of God was present and 10 more people gave their lives to Jesus!  This is what it is all about!

A young man, perhaps 14, gave a testimony of what happened this week.  He was recently born again and has suffered from epilepsy and other physical problems for a long time.  This past week, he had a seizure.  His parents took him to a witchdoctor for healing.  He was so weak, he could hardly walk, but when he realized where they had taken him, he said ‘I don’t need this.  I am going home.  I am healed by the stripes of Jesus!’  He went home and was completely healed!  We can only weep when we see the faith of these new believers.  If the Bible says it, it is so!

We need your prayers to get the last of the vehicles released from customs in St. Marc.  Cinera spent all last week, trying to get them out.  The computer was down and they couldn’t enter the data.  There is always another excuse… It has been four months trying to get these released!  We are still waiting for a Jeep and the dump truck, with the Bobcat and stakes and poles for the tents in it.  The 1000 chairs have been shipped to another port.  They say it will take about two weeks to arrive and two weeks to clearWe need these things now so we can clear the land and set up tents to handle housing as well as church overflow and children’s ministry

Good news regarding the mountain land:  After receiving substantial gifts from our friends in Austria and Switzerland, the balance owing for the remaining two carreaus as of this moment is only $5,765.00. 

Do you think we can raise this overnight like we did the generator?  Can you put a special gift today in PayPal for the land?  Then we can make necessary steps to secure the remaining 6.38 acres as we did the first ones.  Land is at such a premium…The price will soon go up!

Thank you for trusting us.  It’s our privilege to work side-by-side with you to enlarge God’s Kingdom in Haiti. 


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