June 7, 2010 Haiti

Update June 7, 2010

WE DID IT!!!  We reached our goal for the mountain land!  At midnight last night, I learned that a friend of Light Ministries was going to put $6,000 into our account today for the remaining acreage on the mountain!  GOD IS GOOD!  The extra will be used toward closing costs. 

We can now proceed… Terry will meet with the owner of the land tomorrow… Pray for clear ownership and hassle-free paperwork!

‘When God guides, He provides!’  We have seen that consistently in Light Ministries!  When we know we hear from God, we step out in faith and trust Him that the need will be met.  In every case, He is there to meet it, and without stress!

Thank you to all who have had a part, not only in purchasing this land, but in caring for the ongoing daily needs of these desperate people, feeding, housing, medical assistance, encouraging them in their time of need.

As we continue to put our hands together, God continues to do awesome things!  We are so grateful you are with us in this great adventure of rebuilding a nation!


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