March 1, 2010 Haiti

Update March 1, 2010

A note from Terry today…

I am very grateful to see everybody involved, praying and sending money for Haiti.  Your daily prayers have not gone unheard or unanswered!

Every single day, we experience God’s hand, opening doors and providing…and no one can question whether it’s God or not!

Lately, we have seen an increase of Haitians in the lines at the clinic with respiratory and viral infections because of the unclean living conditions. 

When it rains, the mud comes down the streets; during the day, it dries and the dust coats the lungs, and brings disease.  Even the U.S. military on my last visit were complaining about many of the same symptoms.  Pray!

The most crucial thing right now is to purchase the land in the mountain so we can get the people on higher ground, with clean air, before thousands die of disease.  I am asking you to ask God what you can do today to help get this land at the unbelievable price of only $100,000 for approximately 9.5 acres!  The balance still needed is $88,000.   Please go to our website to donate, using PayPal, or you can write a check, mark it “Land” and send it to:  

Light Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 691448
Orlando, FL  32869-1448 

We have plans in place to set up the sleeping tents as soon as we can acquire and clear the space.  We are concerned because the Haitians get sick easily, and it is already raining…

Other immediate needs:  To finish the wall around the church property, pour a concrete slab for the tent, install plumbing and buy and ship in 1000 chairs for classes.  We don’t have chairs enough to seat all the new converts!  These chairs will go inside the big tent when we can finally set it up. We must get the trucks out of customs (no success today).  Pray! 

Gary (sent to help administrate our efforts) has been preaching at the clinic while people are waiting to see a doctor!  More than 30 people today prayed to receive Jesus Christ!  Doctors minister to the people as they are being treated, and today three doctors prayed with three patients to get saved!  So, today we had some saved on the outside and some on the inside of the clinic!  God is doing something so beautiful here.  This is Haiti’s day to get right with God.   Continue to pray! 

Thank you for standing with us.  It’s amazing what we see every day!


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