March 11, 2010 Haiti

Update March 11, 2010

Today, I took a walk around our neighborhood to see for myself what has happened!  It’s a mess!  Schools are down everywhere and people sitting on top of the rubble, selling their wares as if nothing happened.  It’s unbelievable how resilient these people are!  

Our neighbor, SonSon greeted me as I came near his house.  He grabbed my hand and took me to see the school collapsed right next to his home. It was once 5 storeys, now we see three, 2 storeys underground!  Only one person died; many were rescued.  When the earthquake happened, SonSon’s wife was standing in his little store and their children were upstairs.  They felt something funny but didn’t know what it was.  She came outside and said, ‘Oh Bon Dieu, what happened?  Oh, God, oh God!’ She looked around and saw schools toppling to the ground!  She was so scared!   Then she looked across the street and saw Pastor Terry’s house was standing and everybody was running to Pastor’s house!  They stayed for the night, sleeping inside cars, vans and the school bus, and praying.  The next day, even more people came from every direction and gathered in our yard.  She joined them because she didn’t feel safe in her house.  SonSon’s house has been examined and is totally safe, but this school next door could continue to fall if another aftershock happened.  Their family continues to sleep in our yard each night. 

Another school, six storeys, is now totally flat.  During the earthquake, they had about 350 small children in the school; 200 crawled through little holes and doorways and escaped.  One hundred fifty children, plus the owner’s wife and baby died.  The Mayor’s office had told the owner not to build the building so high.  He wouldn’t listen and paid $20,000 ‘under the table’ to continue to build against the engineers’ warnings.  They built 2 more storeys.  The building was beautiful on the outside, but unsafe on the inside.

Out of 600 schools in Carrefour, 120 collapsed.  Thousands of students died.  It is just now that people are talking about what they saw and experienced.  As they open up, I will continue to report some of the stories.

Once again, we can see God’s hand, protecting the righteous.  What a lesson to have the fear of God, to be at the right place at the right time, led by His Spirit! We know that as long as we are in His hands, we are safe.  Our people are beginning to see clearly that they are truly a part of what God wants to do in the days ahead.  Continue to pray for our people.  We still feel minor aftershocks! 

Two teams leave tomorrow, a construction team and a medical tea.   Tonight, a  TV production team from Canada arrived and will follow us around tomorrow morning, then fly home.  Pray that they will capture what God wants exposed!  Thank you so much for your continual prayers and giving.  We can stay here because of you!


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