March 12, 2010 Haiti

Update March 12, 2010

It has been two months today since the earthquake.  People are getting back on their feet, little by little.

We had such a good time this morning, taping some clips for television with our Canadian friends!  We visited the work site at the church and then the clinic, the streets and the mountain.  It went so smoothly, and we are eager to see what God is going to do with these documentaries.

Thank you so much for giving toward the mountain land! We are excited to report that we only need $63,000 now for the property!  God is good!  We know this is our land and are eager to get our people set up in tents soon.  When the property is ours, we will get well-drilling equipment set up!  As soon as we have water, we can move them to their new location!

This afternoon, Terry had a meeting with the Mayor’s committee about the rebuilding of Carrefour and it lasted so long… 5 hours!!!  They weren’t back in time for our prayer meeting.  Peterson and Junior opened the meeting.  Twenty-seven people received the baptism with the Holy Spirit, then God began to move on me to share a little of His plan for us as a body.  The people were encouraged; it was a joy to see their faces!   They seem to be so much more sensitive to what God is speaking.  It is like the blinders have come off their eyes and they can really see what He is doing with them!

I can see the fruit of the Word that has been poured into our people!  Even the children, perhaps 40 of them, came forward to be prayed for who really wanted God to heal through their hands!  This is the next generation we are zeroing in on and I can see their eagerness to be used of God!

It’s a new Haiti.  It’s a new generation!  God said He will make everything new!  This is our day and we wake up each morning with great expectancy!



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