March 15, 2010 Haiti

Update March 15, 2010

I am so excited to see what is happening right here in Carrefour!  We always knew the LIGHT would come from this place and we are seeing it, in cooperation with our city leaders and in opposition from the religious leaders!  It all happens at the same time! 

There is a lot of jealousy among church leaders toward others who are in contact with those in authority, as they see us going in and out of the Mayor’s office.  Today, we received warnings in the form of a ‘tract’ that informed us of all the deceitful Haitian pastors and leaders who are working with the Mayor.  Our names were not on it, but it surely was purposeful to break up a strong team God has put together.  It really is a joke to us, because we know our God!  We know He has hand-picked this team to bring Carrefour to a new level of unity.   In everything we do, our focus has always been, and always will be, to present Jesus clearly in every opportunity that is available to us!  If the way to their hearts is through new developments we have in our hands, great! 

We have learned that when the devil battles us the hardest, God is bragging about us!  The problem is, the devil doesn’t realize how much we and our people have grown since the last attack!  We are well-able to take this country and, he is the one who must lay down his weapons and run!  It doesn’t even feel like an attack!  We remain strong!

It is such a joy to see how our people are handling pressure they couldn’t even handle six months ago!  Side-by-side, we are on the frontlines, facing the enemy head-on, knowing we have already won the victory!  Our faith will not waver!  We have an assignment from the Holy One! 

When people report these things to us, we can only laugh and ask, ‘Is that the best they can do?’  Since this earthquake, we have heard that many jealous pastors have said that they wished our building would have come down!  Some even have sent people in the nighttime to try to bring it down yet, to chip away at the exposed pillars!  Can you believe it?!  They cannot!  This is God’s property!  This week, all of the pillars are being reinforced with much rebar and cement.  They will be fortified!

They must be completed well and quickly because, on March 28, the conference for many government leaders will be held in our Church!  We believe the fear in our own people will go when they see it has been strengthened and used for large meetings again!  This building is our gift to our community and a tremendous testimony to everyone to see it stand!

God is good and His mercy endures forever!  We are so grateful that He has chosen us to serve Haiti and to be a part of His end-time moves so our people could experience His saving hand in the midst of the storm.  We love Him so much!





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