March 16, 2010 Haiti

Update March 16, 2010

Two separate teams arrived today: one group of four construction workers; one couple to assist where needed.  What a great time we had tonight, sharing testimonies of God’s goodness and where He has led us over the years!  These six are really missionaries!

I was talking with Ginette, one of our church members.  The day of the earthquake, she wanted to go to Leogane to see her sisters.  She couldn’t find any money to take a tap-tap there.  Then she heard a voice tell her to listen and obey

She was at the church when the earthquake hit.  She ran home to check on her four daughters.  Everyone told her ‘Don’t go to your house.’  She was dizzy and barefoot, running like a crazy woman.  She saw schools down and began to scream ‘My house, Jesus, my house… Is it flat?’ When she got to her house, everyone was running into the street as another big house fell down.  When she looked, there were her four children, shaken, but safe.  Because her house is badly cracked,  she is now sleeping with her children in our yard and cooking for everyone every single day! 

Had Ginette gone to Leogane as she wanted, she perhaps would have been dead, because only 10% of the buildings are still standing and many died.  Her sisters there are also fine.  She said, ‘It pays to listen to the Holy Spirit when He speaks.’

She said her neighbors, two women in particular, used to judge our church all the time because we allow women to wear pants and sandals and earrings and no head-coverings.  Most churches don’t.  Since this happened and they saw our church still standing, they came to the church and gave their lives to Jesus!  Now they come every servicein pants and sandals and earrings and no head-coverings!!!   They understand now that  it’s about the heart, not about what they wear. 

Every day I hear stories of how people have come in because Church of Light and Pastor Terry’s house are standing!  God is good!  We had no idea what a testimony that would really be in this neighborhood, but God did!  Even as they came running to our yard for safety from the earthquake and aftershocks, so they are running here to receive the One Whom we serveIt’s an exciting time to be alive!






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