March 18, 2010 Haiti

Update March 18, 2010

At Light Ministries, we never know what a new day will bring…

When I returned to Haiti, I learned that we had Madam Joel, a very-pregnant woman living in our yard!  I have been watching her, so thankful we had doctors and nurses staying in our house who could deliver her baby.  Every day, I would tease Madam Joel that she better be sure to deliver her baby while we had good doctors here.  We talked and laughed about it.  When the last medical team left, I told her she must wait another week before another medical team was to arrive…

This morning at 6:00, our cook, LouLou, knocked on my door and said, “Madam Joel has pains!”  I asked, “Is she ready to deliver the baby?”  LouLou said, “I think so!”

I quickly got dressed and went to the yard, where her little family has been living in a tent.  Olrich was called; he came running, started the van and we carefully loaded Madam Joel onto a pad in the back of the van and left for the American Red Cross field hospital

We were half-way there when the baby decided she couldn’t wait anymore!  LouLou and Marie Jude were right by her side, along with her husband, Joel, all helping to deliver the baby.  We got to the gate of the hospital, called for emergency personnel and told them a baby was being born!  When I opened the doors to the van, here was the baby’s last little foot coming out!  A young man came running, cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the baby in a towel and gave her to me to carry into the hospital, while they wheeled the mother into the Maternity Ward tent.  There, I saw 12 more new mothers with babies, one with twins and 3 more in labor!

The doctor attended to Madam Joel, then moved her to a gurney because all beds were full.  She rested about 15 minutes while the baby was cleaned up and bundled for the ride home!  Yes, she and the baby came right home with us!  The whole yard was full to welcome her!  They began to pray when we left and were waiting patiently to welcome the new member of our little family here!   They were so happy to see the results of their prayers for a healthy baby and no complications.  

Madam Joel and her beautiful baby daughter, Ciara, are doing fine!   As for LouLou, Marie Jude and me, we all needed a nap this afternoon!!!  There has been a steady flow of family and friends visiting her all day.  Tonight, it is raining hard, so we are on watch – for the mother and baby to be safe. 

We are still trying to get the trucks out of customs.  It seems every day the rules change and they need different letters to clear the vehicles.  In the process, we are finding favor and the Director, himself, is embarrassed with all the difficulty, but can do nothing about it because the problem lies in another office.  Continue to pray!  It’s been long enough now.

Cinera leaves at 5:00 tomorrow morning to meet Terry in the DR and they, together, will drive back to Haiti on Saturday.  Pray for them for safety.  It’s not a pleasant trip!

A baby born in the back of our van today…  What next? 


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