March 19, 2011 Haiti

Update March 19, 2011

Elections are tomorrow… Pray!  We plan to have church at 7:00 a.m. so we are out by 9:00 when elections are slated to begin.

Aristide came back to Haiti yesterday!  The former twice-ousted President with history of some of the greatest corruption ever known in Haiti, returned to Haiti from South Africa, before the elections, thinking he would not be allowed in after elections. 

Elections were planned to go smoothly, but now the word on the street says Aristide supporters plan to sabotage the elections.  Aristide’s return should test Haiti’s willingness to have democracy by prosecuting him for much drug dealing.  Many testified against him after his last departure.  Tomorrow could be the beginning of a political bloodbath

We are praying for God’s will to be done so that all the evil can be uprooted once and for all in Haiti and God can take His place to restore this land.  Even when we don’t fully understand this volatile situation, we know God is in control.  He sees the whole picture and we are praying for His will to be done.  Daily, we purpose to be led by His Spirit, to stay in step with Him, to be at the right place at the right time and to take every opportunity to see Haiti bow its knee to Jesus.

The sports program has taken off well!  The first meeting with open gym, was a great time to get to know who can play and who can coach.  Joe, one of the dancers from Invasion, invited three of his basketball friends to come to the stadium to meet Andrew.  Before they left, all three were born again!  That was their first meeting! 

We are thrilled!  This is going to be a great tool to bring the youth into the kingdom and teach them respect, honor, and discipline.  This is just another avenue of investment in our youth.  (See attached link from Andrew regarding the wonderful blessing of the stadium and meeting the youth, along with photos of our services, unloading the container and starting the building process on our property next to the church)  It will acquaint you with Fellowship of Christian Athletes , along with Andrew and Ruth Gurrier, who will be working closely with us in Carrefour.)

Our two main YouTube entries are growing in viewership each day.  If you have friends who have not seen Haiti after the earthquake and how Light Ministries stepped in to help, or if they have not seen one of our ministry teams, Invasion, dance to Toby Mac’s City on our Knees,

Even when times are uncertain, as tomorrow’s elections, we know HE IS GOOD and His mercy endures FOREVER.  We love Him so much!


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