March 2, 2011 Haiti

March 2, 2011

Damendy is very intelligent, but usually quiet, unemotional and low-key!  He often helps in the office with bookkeeping and translating, interprets for visitors and doesn’t get too involved in gossip or what is happening in other’s lives, but rather takes in everything we teach and watches it work.

He was working with Terry in the office and out of nowhere he began to talk… 

“Pastor, you know what happened today?  I cast the devil out.” 

Terry said, “Oh really?  Tell me about it.” 

 “Yeah, I was walking home and I saw a young girl, about 15, walking with her parents and they had covered her with a damp towel because she was staring off into the sun and unresponsive and couldn’t talk..’

‘…I stopped to talk to them and said, ‘What’s wrong with your daughter?’  They said ‘She has a devil.  We’re on the way to the pastor’s house to have her prayed for.’ 

‘…I said ‘Oh, you don’t need to go there.  Don’t you know you have authority?  They said, ‘Yes, but you know it is very difficult… It takes a long time.  It’s not so easy.  We’ve been struggling a long time with her.’  

‘…I said, ‘Wait!  Before I leave, can I pray for her?’  They said ‘Sure!’ 

‘…So, Pastor, I prayed for her, took authority over the devil, prayed in tongues and she looked normal and began to answer questions that I asked her and had a peace over her life, so I instructed her how to stay free…  ‘Keep yourself sexually pure and pray over your house and take authority and don’t let the devil back in.  Read your Bible.’

‘…After walking a few steps, I looked back and they had gone back to their house, not the pastor’s, free!”

This is from a young man who heard the Word and didn’t forget what It said! 

Every day, we experience testimonies from our young people like this.  Thanks for standing with us, for believing in us as we believe in our youth…



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