March 20, 2011 Haiti

Update March 20, 2011

Elections went off today seemingly without a hitch!  Saturday night brought some sporadic shootings, but when morning came, it was again relatively calm.  The results will be made known on April 16.  There will be much opposition no matter who wins… and with Aristide’s return, we can expect threats of more disturbances.  Please continue to pray for safety.   

Another work team of nine men will arrive from Freedom Fellowship in Orlando, FL tomorrow.  It will be a joy to have them on the ground, working with two more builders from Eco Building Products to finish framing the remaining houses and other buildings next to the church.  Pray for Terry and me.  These teams are a wonderful help, but we have been going steady since long before the earthquake and need rest soon…

We are really happy to be in step with the Holy Spirit as He sends help our way!  We certainly couldn’t do it ourselves.  He is FAITHFUL!

Thank you for continuing to support our expansion projects.  Please continue to use PayPal.  It is such a great help. 


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