March 23, 2010 Haiti

Update March 23, 2010

I’m back in Orlando!  It was not easy to leave Haiti.  I felt like I didn’t even get settled before it was time to leave again!  Every day someone else showed up at the house and I was just catching up on where people were.  Some went to stay with their families in the countryside.  Now, many in the countryside are running out of food to take care of the extra people.  It never ends…

It was a nightmare at the airport trying to leave Port-au-Prince!  There were hundreds of people in a long line, standing outside in the hot sun, trying to get inside.  Those leaving had to wait for hours just to get under a canopy, only to be ‘invaded’ by a group of Haitians who paid someone to get a space close to the front.  It put the whole line back and everyone was so agitated!  Terry and I decided it might be worth the long trip to the DR to fly out of there rather than to go through the hassle in Port-au-Prince.  Most people wait 3-4 hours and often miss their flights!  Nothing is really ready to function yet.  It’s like there is no base of operation left and even though there is a building from which to operate, there is no system in place

Sunday church and miracle services were a delight!  We were all together again!  The music was electric!  The people pulled out all stops and danced and danced and dancedTestimonies were strong!  Healings were real!  Seven more accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! 

Even if you can’t get in the gate, you can hear the services over the microphones three blocks away!  Haitians are on the rooftops, on the heaps of rubble, all trying to get a view of what is happening at Church of Light!   You have to come early to get a chair!  (Our people are collecting special offerings to buy chairs for everyone!  We will need them when we return to Light Auditorium for Easter service).

Today, we started the clinic again after a slight break.  We often have nurses, but not enough doctors to do the clinic.  While the clinic was closed, we were able to mix concrete inside the building and repair and smooth the walls.  Everything had to be removed and mopped many times before opening again today!  The outside pillars of the Auditorium are really strong, and should be able to handle another earthquake if necessary!  Hopefully, that will never happen; however, on Saturday night, we experienced another 3.0 aftershock!  It’s true.

We pray that with every shaking, the hearts of men will become pliable!  What has been hidden will be exposed and every Haitian will make Jesus their Lord!  It is not His will that any should perish but that all should come to repentance!


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