March 3, 2010 Haiti

Update March 3, 2010

During our Praise and Worship time tonight, five people got saved… without an invitation!

One man was possessed by the devil, walking the street and biting his tongue constantly.  While passing by the church, he heard the people singing.  He said to himself, ‘If I can just get inside that gate, I will give my life to Jesus.’  In the middle of the praise and worship, he walked straight to the front of the church (in our yard).  As our people began to pray, demons started manifesting.  Then, suddenly, he was free!  Then he prayed to receive Jesus Christ into his heart.  Now, the people really began to praise and worship God!

God is doing something great among the Haitians!  No man can take credit for this move of the Spirit of God in the hearts of the people.  Their time is NOW and there is a sense of knowing that in their hearts!  We are thrilled!  This is the day, this is the hour we have been working for all these years…

Many times over the past 28 years, people have said to us, ‘It’s so hard in Haiti.  How much must you go through before you get out of ‘that’ country?  When are you going to retire?  There have been times when our minds said, ‘Let’s get out!’ but our hearts said, ‘Let’s stay and watch what God does!’ We’ve seen Him do too much to quit now!’ We stayed, and look what God is doing!  We have carried a dream in our hearts for many years that, one day, we will present this whole country to God and say, ‘Here she is, the whole country!  To hear Him say ‘Well done!’ is all we need to hear! 

That is what we live for: To fulfill His call on our lives, to present this nation before God, a holy nation!  We are on the way to seeing that happen.  We can’t take any credit; it is truly a work of the Spirit of God and we just get to come along and see it happen!  It’s a glorious day! 

Thank you for being on our team!  We, together, will stand before God and, together, hear Him say “Well done! You found your place and gave your all!

Thank you so much for using PayPal.  Many have said it is so easy to give this way!  Really, it is a convenience for you and for us! 

Continue to pray!  We need strength, health and lifeWe need wisdom to build a City!  We’ve never done this before!!!




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