March 3, 2011 Haiti

Update March 3, 2011

We just received word that a last-minute decision was made to have Carnival.  Last year, there was no carnival due to the earthquake.  This year, they are trying to make up the millions lost last year.  Most of the people are not excited about it because of the lack of food and housing and can’t comprehend spending millions of dollars for carnival. 

Right across the street from our church is a bandstand erected for Carnival.  We are really upset that our local government leaders would open the door and not take a stand for righteousness.  It’s a major problem with partying and dancing in the street and destroying the church.  In the past, we have had to have policing around our building. 

Our church services may have to be cancelled or moved to our yard because we can’t even get into our building because of the crowds.  It’s difficult to see the people still hurting and the devil comes in and says, ‘we’ll take all they have left while they are dancing in the streets.  They need to have fun!’  This is the time of year that many are killed and women raped.  Pray!

We just learned that our first container of building supplies arrived last night.  The Port is only open until tomorrow and everything will be closed until Wednesday next week because of Carnival. 

Please pray for a supernatural intervention to get this container out and delivered to our property next to the church today!  We have a team of professional builders from Eco Building Products in California coming on Wednesday to frame the buildings.  They are scheduled to be in Haiti for three days only, so materials must be on the ground waiting for them when they arrive!  Pray!  We need a miracle today!

I’ll do my best to report to you the progress of this container as soon as I know.  It’s difficult to find time and satellite sometimes…



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