March 30, 2010 Haiti

Update March 30, 2010

We had two tremendous services last weekend, one at CrossRoad Community Church in Ellsworth, WI and one at Hope Community Church in Corcoran, MN.  God moved in the services and many people were born again, while many others were ministered to powerfully by His Holy Spirit.  We also taped new interviews for the upcoming videos.  It was a quick trip there and back, but worthwhile! 

After ministering Sunday evening, we got to bed about 1:45 a.m., only to get up again at 3:30 in order to catch a 4:00 shuttle to the airport.  Short night!  We tried to sleep on the flights home, but it wasn’t easy!  Last night, by 8:30, we were beginning to wear down!  Terry flew with JP, Rodolpho and me to Miami, then we left for Orlando and he flew to Port-au-Prince.  He encountered more hassle than we… The airport there is still a mess!

On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of mayors and other government and business leaders met in the church.  The outside pillars are not yet completed, but the inside was cleaned up and looking good, considering our situation, and everyone was thrilled with such a nice meeting place!  We look forward to completing it!    

Today, while I began to catch up in the office, Terry was occupied in Carrefour with meetings with our Mayor, following up on the Martinique meetings last week and preparing for a big meeting on Thursday to decide Haiti’s future.  He also taught the New Members class.  That was a joy to meet those recently converted, who now want to join Church of Light!

Please pray for a very crucial meeting on Thursday, where there will be many countries represented who want to partner with Haiti in rebuilding the country.  They will discuss their involvement in funding, developing businesses, housing, schools, etc.  Pray for favorPray for integrity and transparency to be present.  Pray against greed and deceitfulness, so those attending know clearly what to expect.  Pray for solutions to the huge problems that exist in this country, magnified by the earthquake.

Thanks again for standing with us.  This is a new path for Light Ministries’ involvement in the future of Haiti.  We know God is in it, and want always to be in the center of His plan.



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