March 30, 2011 Haiti

Update March 30, 2011

Days are full…  Attached is the latest newsletter.  Thanks for your prayers. 


 April 2011

Dear Family, 

The last months have been busy with building, elections, church growth and sports.

We are in the midst of waiting for election results and tensions are rising.  Just when things were tense, the current President Preval doubled the prices on everything, raised the already-high gas prices and doubled the salaries of the government workers.  It seems like he is trying to create problems for the new incoming government.  The people have been suffering enough and now are protesting and watching to make sure the government officials don’t leave Haiti without restitution.  Everyone has been waiting for the government.  Change, money and projects are stopped until a new president is in place.  Pray for God’s leaders to be in place.  This is Haiti’s opportunity to start to sail ahead.

The buildings next to the church are moving ahead.  Eco Building Products just left Haiti after working with a team of men from Orlando, Florida to finish framing 13 buildings for our model village.  Now we are waiting for the next container to continue progress.  The young men in the church are excited to see what they have helped build come together.  They are beginning to understand that this is the beginning to rebuild Haiti. 

This village will stand out as a mini model to the country to see what can be and bring hope to the people to start working for a new Haiti.

The church continues to grow as new converts come for training and to find their place in the Kingdom of God.  Hearts are being challenged and faith is strengthening as we push ahead in the Spirit, leaving old ways behind and learning to hear and obey the voice of God. 

With the world in such chaos, we must know Him and keep our eyes on Him as never before.  God is opening doors that no man can shut.  We must go ahead and not look back but continue to stay on the straight and narrow road that leads to life.

God gave us a great door with the youth as Andrew Gurrier came to Haiti from Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Atlanta, Georgia to start a Christian sports program.  Our contacts at the Carrefour Stadium opened the door for him to direct the entire sports program using sports to bring the Gospel to our youth.  Many of our young people are helping him with the evangelism and follow-up of the new converts.

This stadium is the largest stadium in the Caribbean!  Built in the late 1970’s, it houses a   soccer field with stadium, multiple basketball courts, indoor gymnasium and tennis courts plus an Olympic-size swimming pool.  This is just one more indication that God is giving us the city of 1.2 million to be a light to this nation!

To renovate this stadium will cost approximately $3 million.  We are currently contacting businesses and businessmen with an interest in doing such a project.  Our job is huge, and the training needed is overwhelming, but God is raising up His army to advance.  Please call in the finances with us that are needed to do these projects. 

Please pray for wisdom and discernment to stay close to Him as we press through these huge undertakings.

Pray for strength for us.  We have been going non-stop since before the earthquake in January 2010.

Finances are at an all-time low, while needs are at an all-time high!  Now, we see prices doubling in Haiti.   I think you can understand we need a miracle.  If we look at what is practical, we should leave Haiti for one year to generate new support to keep going. 

Please consider planting seed in this fertile ground that promises to bring a huge return as we rebuild a nation, using God’s principles.  The devil is pushing his last push, but we know we win!  Push with us to see a new Haiti.

We love you and are praying for His blessing to overtake you.

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

P.S.  Pray for Japan.  The real issues are yet to hit the country.  We are still reeling from an earthquake with no tsunami.  It takes years to get back on your feet after such an ordeal.  We understand in part what Japan is experiencing.  The thing we had on our side was that most of the nation of Haiti knew of Jesus and immediately cried out to Him to save them, both temporarily and eternally.  Haitians pray that Japan will take the lifeline we sent to them in prayer and will meet Jesus!

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