March 31, 2010 Haiti

Update March 31, 2010

There are so many things to consider in rebuilding a nation!  I have been reflecting on the need for food to be produced in Haiti for Haitians.  At one time, Haiti could supply food to one-half of this part of the world; today, it cannot even feed itself! 

Not only has the land been unusable because much of the topsoil has been washed to the sea, but Haiti used to export rice and only imported about 19% of its food.  Today, Haiti imports more than half of its food, including 80% of the rice eaten in the country.  The problem is that, so much surplus rice is shipped into the country, and local farmers cannot compete with the cheap cost because of Haiti’s rising fuel costs, political instability and natural disasters.   Now, since the earthquake, imported rice prices are up 25%

What Haitians want foremost in rebuilding the country is to be able to produce food for their own nation.  What is needed is money to restore the land and to plant crops, not to have food sent in that destabilizes the economy and keeps them dependent upon the rest of the world.  USAID has provided nearly four times as much in-kind food aid since January 12 as it invests each year in Haitian agriculture.  Initially, there is a need for actual food; then comes the time when the country must focus on local agriculture.  It must learn once again to stand on its own, build a sustainable economy and feed its people. 

The world has billions of dollars in funding for Haiti.  Pray that it will be spent to keep local communities self-supporting. This is partly what the meetings tomorrow are about.  This is not just a time for other nations to get rich off of Haiti; it is a time for Haiti to see God’s provision tor them.  This, too, is God’s plan for Haiti

The land must be restored.  Farmers must have seed to sow and proper tools to do the job.  Just from the rich soil on the mountain, we believe one day we can produce food to feed our city, Haiti and enough to export to the world once again!  This is our hope, this is His promise…  It will take our breath away when we see what He has planned out of this disaster!


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