March 4, 2010 Haiti

Update March 4, 2010

We heard there was a 4.5 aftershock yesterday.  Everyone felt it.  A market collapsed and many died.  These aftershocks are nearly as big as an earthquake!  The people’s nerves are shattered.  They still can’t ever relax… anywhere!  Pray for them!  

If our people didn’t have the Spirit of God living within them, it would be a very different situation for us.  They have learned over the years to ‘minister to the Lord and He, in turn, will minister to you.’  I often tell them, “He is The Source of everything you will ever need!  He is El Shaddai, the God who is more than enough!  He is the GREAT I AM.  What do you need?  ‘I AM whatever you need Me to be!’  Do you need a healer?  He says, ‘I AM’. Do you need peace?  I AM.  Do you need strength?  I AM.  Do you need an encourager?  I AM.  Do you need a Financier?  I AM.  Do you need a counselor?  I AM.  What do you need today?  I AM!  I AM!  I AM!  He is your Everything!”  Because of this revelation, so many Haitians can walk in victory today!  Pray that our new Believers will grasp this truth quickly! 

Over 8,000 people have been through the clinic to date.  Over 1000 have received Jesus into their lives and many more Believers have a renewed excitement in their Christian lives.  We know this is only the beginning of what God wants to do in Haiti.  The devil’s day is over!  It’s God’s turn to prove what HE can do!  It’s time to move forward!

Thank you for praying!  Thank you for giving!  We are really excited to see you use PayPal on our website and reading how happy you are to use it!  By the way, the balance owing on the mountain land today is $85,000.  I will keep you informed as we near the ‘finish line’.

Soon, we will be moving up the mountain to set up our first ‘tent city’ in preparation for permanent housing in the near future…  As difficult as it is to be in Haiti after the earthquake, it is also an exciting time to see God come through on behalf of this nation!  We often sang, ‘I am not forgotten; God knows my name!’  Today, our people know it’s true!  Thanks for being willing and obedient to help them!  Terry and I are so grateful.




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