March 4, 2011 Haiti

Update March 4, 2011

We got the container released in one day, less than 24 hours…truly a FIRST in Haiti!  Thanks so much for praying!  When we found out the paperwork was done yesterday mid-afternoon, we asked if it was possible to deliver the container to our property before Carnival closes the streets.  We just opened the gate to pull it onto our property ten minutes ago!  GOD IS GOOD!  The last container we received took two months!  What a miracle!   

Normally, they must open and inventory the contents before leaving the port, but they allowed us to have it delivered today and will open it when Eco Building Products’ building team arrives on Wednesday.  This is unheard of here!  News camera crews from CNN and FOX News are on alert to be able to capture this monumental day, the beginning of many communities rising from the rubble…

Last night we prayed that God would send rain to close down Carnival.  Things were getting really loud at our house, about two blocks from the bandstand.  At midnight, God sent a downpour and everyone went running for home, including the performers!  I sat up in bed and shouted, ‘Hallelujah!’  Terry, who had been asleep, was awakened by me shouting, and threw his hands in the air, shouting ‘Hallelujah!’  We lay down again and slept well until the sun came up and another busy day began!  GOD IS GOOD! 

Only HE can send the rain!  Only HE can release a container in less than 24 hours.  We are blessed!


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