March 8, 2010 Haiti

Update March 8, 2010

We made it back to Haiti! We left Santo Domingo about 11:15 a.m. with a full load… food, supplies, seven passengers, plus 31 suitcases and carryon luggage!

About three hours on the road, the serpentine belt broke. There was little warning, but we were able to get off the main road and find help. The people ran for a mechanic who thought he could find a replacement.  He could find none! So, we remembered we had packed one in a suitcase, but in which suitcase?  We began to unload the van and there, in the top suitcase, was what we needed! The mechanic replaced it and, in another hour or so, we were on our way!

We had to get to the border before 6:00 p.m. or we would have to sleep at the border all night. At exactly 5:59, we got our passports stamped on the Dominican side and immediately ran to the van to be able to cross the border into Haiti. At 6:05, we were again on our way home! Not one minute to spare!

We arrived home in Carrefour about 7:30 to one of the warmest homecomings I have ever experienced! When we backed into the yard to unload, everyone came to the windows of the car, just waiting for us to get out. When the doors opened, everything that had been stacked high on the steps of the van came tumbling down and I couldn’t step over it to get out! Before I knew what was happening, I was lifted up and out! There I was, swinging around from one to the other…hugs and kisses from everyone! It wasn’t just I who missed them! They really had missed me! I made the rounds, hugging and talking with everyone I could in split second intervals. What a joyous time!

The teams who were in the house came outside to see what all the commotion was.  Mom was home!  It was truly something to experience. Our people are always happy to see us when we return from a trip, but this was different! I realized it was because, before, we never had all the people in the yard when we drove in and one by one, they would come to visit to say ‘Welcome Back’! Now, they were ‘living’ in our yard and waiting for our return.

Our house is truly FULL!  Every time I turn around, I see someone else. I am trying to get acquainted with the construction workers, the medical people and those who are working on temporary housing with us! Today, we fed 33 inside the house.  It’s amazing; it’s so right! There is activity going on in all corners of the property, yet such peace! We shower in shifts! We eat in shifts!  It’s a GOD thing!

Today, we went to the Mayor’s office. It is true… Terry has the KEY to the City! When he entered the room, everyone stopped what they were doing to see what he was there for! This favor is something you must see with your eyes! We discussed many things necessary to rebuild Carrefour. The mayor is very excited to be working with us and even wants Terry to meet key people in government and to travel with him to Martinique! I was able to share God’s Plan with the whole group of leaders the Mayor brought into the meeting. God is at work in our City!

When I go outside the door, I can’t get back in!  The people are eager to share their stories of survival and what God is doing in their lives. They really have a good time living here.  They know they are blessed. Several who were used to eating 2-3 days a week, are now eating 2-3 times per day! They have gained weight! It’s wonderful. They are happy; they have food, a place to sleep, security and friends to sing and laugh with! I don’t even recognize our front yard. It is full of vehicles and people, with huge tarps over their heads!  

This is our day to make Jesus known, to shine HIS light to these people, and we are happy to do it!


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