March 9, 2010 Haiti

Update March 9, 2010

There is so much activity here!  Every time you turn around, there is another issue to confront. 

I visited the clinic… hundreds of people in line for hours, waiting for two doctors!  There are so many people sick!  Many have insomnia!  It’s no wonder with the shaking that has taken place, and the many aftershocks that happened daily.    It’s difficult for their minds to forget the trauma.

I observed the church inside.  There are many cracks on the floor and walls, but repairable.  The Mayor’s team came to approve us repairing it.  We have a team of young men who have marked everything that must be repaired.  How grateful we are that we will one day soon return to the church.  Our yard is simply too small! 

One young convert was alone in the bottom of a 2-storey house when the earthquake happened.  The upstairs came down on her!  She was trapped between the rubble, with only her head and neck exposed.  She saw many people passing by, but none could help her.  She asked God to help her, and little by little wriggled her way out!  She said that only God could have left her head out to breathe and helped her get her shoulders, then arms on the outside of the small hole so she could brace herself enough to pull her body up and out!  Oh, the situations people found themselves in… 

This afternoon, we went to the mountain property.  On the way, we saw one house totally crumbled and the next one standing, then another down and another up.  It was as if God had His finger out saying, ‘This one is Mine!  It shall stand!’ It was amazing.  Everyone commented about that.  There are so many Christians’ homes yet standing, though damaged!  Buried under some houses, we could see cars totally demolished. 

The property is beautiful!  The air is fresh and clean!  The soil is rich enough to produce any kind of food!  We joined hands and prayed over it.  We believe it is ours!  The Haitians with us were so excited about it!  Tomorrow we will meet with the owner to see how much money we need to secure it.  As of now, we have $15,000 to put down.  Thanks for your part in purchasing our mountain land.  Pray for the balance of $85,000!  When you give, mark your check or PayPal payment “Land” so it gets to the right place or send an email to let me know.   

The trucks are still in customs.  They are asking $28,000 to release them!  We are still negotiating to bring the price down as low as possible, hoping to get them in free under our franchise.  We don’t want to waste money on customs when we need it so many other placesPray!

It’s an amazing thing to see what God is doing here!  New Believers classes look like another whole church!  These people are so hungry for the Word of God.  They don’t want to go home when the class is finished!  Everything Cinera is teaching, they can apply immediately.  It’s wonderful!  They are already showing signs of great growth in their new walk with God!

Thanks for your continued prayers and financial support.  As we said in the beginning, we need two things …Prayer and Money… and lots of both!  That has not changed.

What a joy it is to be working on the same team!  Together, we are seeing a move of God few nations have seen!







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