May 13, 2010 Haiti

Update May 13, 2010

Visitors continue to come.  It’s interesting to hear what they observe when they arrive and what they feel as they settle in.  Here is a recap from Barb, now visiting Carrefour:

…The ride from the airport nearly brought me to tears as I saw buildings crumbled to the ground and the thought that there might still be people in that rubble.  Miles of blue and white tent tops spread before me made me realize how blessed these people are to be alive but they may have lost family and their homes and belongings. 

Sony drove us by two schools that collapsed – one with the children inside.  It is heartbreaking to see.  The people are very protective and respectful of their dead – they did not want us to hover around the school and later when I tried to take a picture they told us to go away.  This is not a newspaper article to them! 

We watched workers demolishing the school building, with a sledgehammer, hauling block by block out to a dump truck.  They had one dump truck and no other equipment but that sledgehammer.  It will take months to clean up the rubble from that one building!  They “press on” knowing that it needs to be done. 

Pastor Terry tells them they can change their ways – they can come out of the hundreds of years of negative thinking and move forward.  He instills hope in them – not only following the earthquake, but for their lives in general.  I have never seen such an altar call as on Sunday morning – three groups of 30 people came forward.  Gary and I had the opportunity to pray with a young girl to receive Christ.  She was so sweet and so determined.  I see resilience and hope in the people. 

On Tuesday we went to pound the property stakes in at the property that Light Ministries bought on the mountainside.  What a beautiful, refreshing location, overlooking the City of Carrefour and the Bay.  There is life there – corn and beans are growing on the hillside.  There is opportunity there for the people to plant their own food – the soil is rich.  There are a few families living next to the property now and they know the Lord!  They have a small, simple area built for their gatherings where they want to have Bible Studies.  We walked down the mountain road and Simone stopped everyone we met and asked them if they were converted.  If they were not we prayed with them.  Many were and just asked us to pray for them.  They are so joyful! 

The market is right outside the house – the streets are lined with people trying to make a living selling anything you can imagine.  Sony took us inside the food market – I was fascinated by the building – several markets linked together, just tarps on top of four poles.  And bowls of different foods for sale, piled on shelves and tables – a photographer’s delight. 

There is a peace here that is indescribable – I know it is the Peace of God – but there is a contentment that I feel here. 

God is at work!  With all that needs to be done, it is wonderful to know HE is our Peace, and even in the busy process of rebuilding Haiti, others can experience Him!


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