May 14, 2010 Haiti

Update May 14, 2010

One of my favorite things is to visit the Haitian people in their homes.  They love when we come to encourage them, to pray for their needs and to share the Jesus’ love with them!  Each visit is unique!  It’s been difficult for Terry and me to go out as often as we used to, but when teams are visiting, we often plug them in with our own people; they walk miles to these homes to watch God at work!  I can’t wait to hear the reports when they return, exhausted, but smiling

When people are born again in our services, Simon gets their names and addresses, and, twice a week goes to the homes of these new converts and other members to encourage them.  Barb and Gary, hooked up with Simon and three women from the church on such a team.  Barb shared a bit of her trip out: 

We first met with a woman and her son who asked us to pray that they would be able to afford to build a home on the small parcel of land that they own in another neighborhood. 

Simon introduced us to his co-workers who are believers and then we went next door to a home where there were 12 people sitting around a tree.  They stared at him blankly as he explained how Jesus died for them – but not one of them was interested in hearing more!  It was sad to see.

We walked down streets and through alleys, between houses – it was like a maze but Simon knew exactly where he was going.  We reached the home of a man who has been a member for awhile.  Others gathered in his tent when they found out we were there.  Gary asked each of the 4 people that came in to tell us how they became believers. 

One man said he had been a believer for several years and had then backslidden – he became a thief.  One day he was walking down the beach and saw a group being baptized.  He heard a voice say, “It is time to get right with God again”.  He went and had them baptize him and then the voice told him that he would show him a church where he would become a member.  A few nights later he had a dream where a person said to him “I have a gift for you, follow me”.  They walked down a street and stopped in front of Pastor Terry’s home and the person in the dream disappeared.  Two nights later he had another dream and the person in the dream said, “I have a gift for you, follow me”.  They walked again and this time the person took him to our church and said, “This is where you are to become a member” and gave him a Bible.  The next Sunday he came to the church, where he has been ever since – this all happened several years ago…

He proceeded to tell us that as a child he was brought up in a voodoo home.  At the age of 12 he told his father he would not longer be involved in voodoo; to this day his father shuns and mocks him when they see each other, because he would not join the family in their voodoo practice. 

He then told us about his experience when the earthquake came.  He was on the second floor of his home and he stood and watched the walls start to fall in one direction – a voice told him to Speak the Blood of Jesus over his home.  The walls started to fall the opposite direction and the voice told him to again Speak the Blood of Jesus over his home.  The walls then went back into place and there is one large crack in them – but his house stood!  His girlfriend confirmed this story and they are both so thankful!

I’ll share more of Barb’s adventures in the coming days. No two situations are the same, but in every situation, God gets the glory!  Continue to pray for our outreach teams that they would remain strong.  If no one shows up, Simon goes by himself, for he sees the fruit of his labors!

Terry had very successful meetings today. God is putting together a team of businessmen, politicians, builders, bankers and preachers to accomplish His purposes!  This is the Day of God’s Favor… It’s amazing! 

Our responsibility (and privilege) is to “Let our light so shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)  From the church, to the street, to the palace, this is exactly what is happening!    



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