May 2, 2010 Haiti

Update May 2, 2010

What a service we had this morning!  Our drama team had a powerful dramatic production based on ‘Set Me Free’ by Casting Crowns.   In this drama, Jean-Pierre (our son, “JP”) was tormented by the devil, with no peace in his life. The devil orchestrated his demons (about 10 or 12 of them!) to continually torment JP and the fight continued between his mind and the evil surrounding him.  What a clear picture of one coming under subjection to the devil’s power!  Suddenly, when the devil thought he had won, Jesus showed up and broke the chains of bondage, setting JP free!  As JP was beginning to experience freedom, the demons tried to manipulate him and occupy their previous home.  The fight between good and evil continued until Jesus went to hell and took the keys to the kingdom, unlocked the chains that were wrapped around JP and set him totally free!  JP proceeded to testify to his freedom to those who were yet bound.  While three others stood in the front, portraying their own bondages of alcohol, cigarettes and suicide, Jesus touched them and they, too, were suddenly free with expressions of joy, freedom and peace on their faces.  The demons bowed at the feet of Jesus, while the devil ran out the back door as fast as he could!   

Terry followed up with an altar call to those who wanted to be free from their sin.  Fourteen gave their hearts to Jesus!  What an amazing tool…a 5-minute production!  Then he preached!

It was refreshing for me after a busy week of meetings, teaching and finally finishing re-organizing our house!   




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