May 20, 2010 Haiti

Update May 20, 2010

Terry and JP were on their way home on Monday afternoon.  Summer thunderstorms in Miami often affect travel plans and this day was no different!  They kept delaying the flights and finally, Terry decided to spend the night in Miami, get some badly-needed rest and fly into Orlando on Tuesday.  It was a good choice!  A Haitian friend of ours took that same flight one week ago and was to arrive at 5:30 p.m., but arrived in Orlando at 3:00 a.m. because they waited for the storms to pass!  Everyone thinks traveling is so ‘glamorous’…except those who travel often!

We are now getting things in order for JP to return to Haiti and Terry and me to go to Singapore on Sunday.  With daily meetings, keeping up the office, shopping and packing, I‘ve not had time to update you up on Haiti news.

Because of a large contribution from a dear friend in Austria this week, we have been able to continue to make progress in Haiti!  We have now ordered 1000 folding chairs and stacking racks, so we can accommodate the church overflow and children’s ministry in the tent next door! That is a tremendous help!  They will be shipped and waiting for us when we arrive from SingaporeProgress is so sweet!  Chairs are not the most exciting things to acquire, but the most necessary at this point.  We are ‘busting out at the seams!’ 

In addition to the chairs, we are working to get the remaining items out of customs and begin to clear the land and pour concrete slabs for the tents, one next to the church and one on the mountain.  Please continue to pray and to give so we can get these very necessary jobs done.  It’s a lot of work and a lot of expense!  I am happy to report, however, that we have a very strong team and, those who can give and those who can pray are doing so and, we are continuing to find favor everywhere we go! 

Continue to pray for us!  Where there is progress, there is also jealousy!  Where there is the favor of God, there is jealousy!  Where there are miracles, there is jealousy!  Where there is power in the Holy Spirit, there is jealousy from those who don’t walk in it…  There are threats!  There are lies!  There is jealousy!  We need your prayers to protect us from the onslaught of the enemy, especially when we are not on the ground in Haiti.  History shows that these things happen, Haitian-to-Haitian when we are gone! 

Pray for our staffPray for our people.  They have weathered so much!  It is not time to lie down, but to stand to attention, and follow Jesus, our ‘Commanding Officer’… to victory!





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