May 22, 2010 Haiti

Update May 22, 2010

It’s raining now in Haiti.  There is mud everywhere!  People are scrambling to stay dry at night in their little make-shift tents.  We know the day is coming soon when we can move many of them to the mountain into their own tents, and, eventually into permanent housing, but the wait is painful!   We know we are not their Source, but it is still hard to watch them struggle. 

Thank you so much for standing with us to see the remaining mountain land purchased, (The balance owing today is $47,076.00), the ground leveled, water, electricity and a road put in to the mountain so we can set up the remaining 250 tents and secure a place for families.

Terry and I leave for Singapore tomorrow morning, Sunday, May 23, and will arrive on Tuesday morning, just after midnight.  (Singapore is 12 hours ahead of us in Orlando, so that is noon on Tuesday, our time!)  We will fly to Dallas; from there to Tokyo and then on to Singapore. Thanks so much for praying for us.  We pray we can sleep well on the flight and won’t suffer from jet lag!  We really need rest! 

The conference is for five days from morning to night, with preaching and teaching sessions and workshops.  The invitation to attend this Asia Church Growth Conference is awesome!  We are honored to be able to attend the Welcome dinner for Dr. Cho at the start of the conference, and then to take in the many facets of City Harvest Church, a growing church of nearly 35,000.  Most of the congregation is youth, like ours, so that will be exciting to experience! 

We know God has many ‘appointments’ for us while in Singapore…of some we are aware and some we are not!  Pray for Holy Ghost connections, along with a time of refreshing!  We know this trip is being orchestrated by God!  During our visit, we will also get to see some of the medical teams who first came to Haiti after the earthquake!  The Singaporeans are known for their hospitality, so it will surely be a wonderful time!

I will not be able to email updates while gone, but please check our website in case I have time to post something.  In the meantime, pray for Haiti!  Pray for us for wisdom and strength as we rebuild!  Pray for our staff who carry the load while we are absent!  Pray for our people to hunger and thirst after righteousness!  Pray for finances and personnel to continue to rebuild our country

We have a friend in Orlando checking our mail, so continue to send in your gifts, or use PayPalit’s so easy! 

When we return to Haiti, we will focus on the children’s ministry as well as church remodeling and the mountain land, all in preparation for a huge harvest of souls continuing to come our way!  The fields are ripe NOW!  Don’t ever stop praying… We count on you!


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