May 9, 2010 Haiti

Update May 9, 2010

It’s Mother’s Day today in the States; in Haiti, it will be in two weeks!  Andy, Aaron and JP each called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day today… That was special!  I also received the most beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and white lilies, so the whole house smells wonderful!  

I must tell you about my second ‘Mother’, Pearl Faugust, now 99 years old, who lives in Michigan.  It was Pearl who led me to Jesus when I was six years old, at a neighborhood birthday party at their farmhouse down the road from our family farm! 

My family moved away later that year and we lost touch.  Many years later, she and her husband, Charley, doing child evangelism, came to the church where my family attended, and we re-connected.  They were known as “Uncle Charley and Aunt Pearl” and people just loved them! 

Later that summer, another young lady and I, ‘The Cousins’ (Cary and Priscilla), traveled with them.  We sang duets, did puppet shows, Bible memory exercises and taught object lessons.  I became a ventriloquist that summer!  It was quite a trip!  Everywhere we went, throughout the upper States and into Canada, children received Jesus into their hearts!   Everywhere we went, I saw Uncle Charley and Aunt Pearl’s hearts for children!  They were serious about the things of God and their hearts burned within them that children would have the same love for Him and His Word as they did! (Charley went home to heaven several years ago).

Last September, (again years later) we were preaching in a church in Minnesota Pearl and her dear friend, Sandy, were there to greet us!  Between services, we shared what God has done in our lives and ministry.  They got to meet Terry and just loved him!  Then they gave me a photo of the house where I met Jesus!  It is still standing…such a treasure!

Charley and Pearl were not able to have children, but Pearl ‘adopted’ me, and now Terry too!  She always praises us for what we are doing and prays for us and encourages us!  She tells me of the hundreds of people in ministry they have met over the years, and those they have influenced; then she says to me, “…but you are my diamond!”  Each time she says it, I weep and all I can say is, ‘You planted into good soil!’

When the earthquake happened in January, Pearl and Sandy were the first to respond with a generous gift to get us on our feet, feeding and caring for our people!  Because of their initial ‘boost’, we have been able to stay on our feet, even when needs sometimes seem overwhelming.  We are so grateful!  The last time we prayed together, Pearl asked God to let her live long enough to visit Haiti!  She was serious! 

Happy Mother’s Day, Pearl!  Thank you, Sandy, for taking such good care of this precious jewel! 


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