May 9, 2012 Haiti

I’m sharing a Word of Prophecy received this morning from Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries.  This is what we have been waiting to hear…  It’s time to move forward and build God’s Kingdom!  I know you will be encouraged. 

A Day of Cutting Loose and Moving Forward! 

“This is the day of cutting loose. This is the day of shearing the strings that have held you to the last seasons of captivity. This is the day of movement! A movement has now begun. Move with Me! A new move has come into the earth realm and I am rearranging many structures to create My order for the days ahead. I am calling a people who were not, to rise and move with Me.

This is the day to shear away what has clouded your vision so that new vision can come. This is a time that I am cutting loose the strings that have held captive wealth for your future. Watch as your Queen of Sheba comes, finds you, and gives into your future. There will be movement of wealth in the earth. Sheba has begun to move. Ethiopia is beginning to shift. This is a time that My temple will be built.

“You have dwelt too long in the past. This is the hour and season when I am crowning you with victory. Many nations have stationed themselves at ground zero. This is a time for nations of the world to ascend and open their doors for My Kingdom entry. This is the hour when I am crowning you with the sound of victory and power. In this hour you cannot go back. You cannot go back!

“I am taking the pillows and the couches of ease out of the Church – whether it be Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand – wherever on the earth it is. I am going to discomfort the ease with which My Church has sat and done what they wanted to, and not what I wanted done. Today is the day I will stand in My pulpit and release My Word and not yours.

“I Am Loosing Your Wealth”

“So know that I have cut you loose and the strings have been severed. You can now move forward and meet what you have waiting to come to you; you can now reach the intersection point of your future. Know I am loosing your wealth. I am setting you free. I am delivering a people and they will meet Me and enter into their future.

“Hear the sound of the wind in the mulberry trees. You will come from behind, catch up and gain victory over your enemy. I am extending your territory. I am giving you new authority. You will face enemies that you have faced, but never triumphed over! Face these enemies of your soul and watch Me blow in your new direction of victory. I am putting the reins of the enemy in your hand. Do not be afraid to set the direction rather than the enemy who has been directing you.

“I am overturning the tables in My Temple. I am overturning the tables where My people have communed, and bringing them to a new place of feasting. They have grown weak from the spread of poverty that they have eaten from. I am overturning the food that has produced infirmity. I am setting a table for healing and wholeness.”


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