November 10, 2010 Haiti

Update November 10, 2010

Thank God, Hurricane Tomas has passed over us!

It rained in Carrefour, but we experienced no new damage.  We thank God our leaky roof stayed on the church.  It is necessary to replace this roof, but our biggest need has been to save lives by distributing water and food and providing temporary housing and medical care.  We are trusting God for a new roof  ($34,000).   

In Leogane, the flooding was much worse, rising up to 10 feet, washing tents and debris out to sea.  Our church in Leogane – now meeting under a circus tent – was the shelter for its members and stood throughout the storm because of much prayerPastor Milien was there, rescuing about 50 of his people, bringing them to higher ground.  No lives were lost, thanks to quick thinking and being at the right place at the right time!

God has a plan for Haiti, to be a ‘praise’ in the earth, and no storm can change that!  With everything that comes our way, we must remain fearless and courageous.  Then we will see His victorious right hand upholding us!  With every challenge, we experience new victories and see many more ushered into the Kingdom of God!  From this land will come messengers of His peace, of His joy, of His power!  We are seeing it already in our church and, these things only serve to make our people stronger! 

We have fought for this land of Haiti for many years and it is time it come into our possession.  In the presence of our enemies, our many challenges, He is building His House!  In the presence of our enemies, He is giving us joy!  In the presence of our enemies, He is anointing us and empowering us with His power and presence!  He is multiplying our possession in the lives of people who are totally committed to the Spirit of God!  He is multiplying the number of pure hearts in our congregation!

This is just the beginning of a new Haiti…



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