November 11, 2010 Haiti

Update November 11, 2010  

As you can see by the attached newsletter, we will be very busy in the days ahead.  Please pray for us for strength, wisdom and His direction in every decision we make which can affect so many lives here.   

Pray for unity as we together begin to build the houses, clinic and possibly a school,  starting a new phase of post-earthquake rebuilding.  

Pray for continued finances to take on these massive projects, so we can move ahead smoothly while we have good workmen coming to help.  

Pray our vehicles and equipment don’t break down so we can finish well whatever construction we possibly can do in the coming days.   

Thanks so much for your faithfulness.  Terry and I appreciate you more than you know!  


November 2010

Dear Family,

We had a tremendous time in the churches we visited in Austria.  God really moved and we found favor and were treated royally everywhere we went. Thank you, Austria!!!

We went to Lienz for the benefit concert for Haiti and to preach in a church on Sunday morning.  One church service was extended to five services!  It was the first time this church of about 40 people had done a concert like this and they raised $5,500 for Haiti.  While here, we had time to climb the beautiful mountains with the pastor and leaders.  Never before have we breathed such pure air!   It was wonderful!

In Klagenfurt, we met people who had seen us 17 years ago!  It was great meeting old and new friends!  We then went to Gmunden for a wonderful time and connected with more old friends!  Everywhere we went, we found people so hungry for more of God.  We were honored to bring His fire to the churches.  Many want to visit us in Haiti! 

On Sunday, we were in Salzburg, worshipping with Austrians and Africans!  The pastor, originally from Uganda, has a powerful testimony of how God delivered him from voodoo.  When the music began, these Africans sang and danced to the front of the church… We were immediately at home!!!  They, too, are talking about visiting us in Haiti.  The Haitians love it when Africans come to Haiti… 

We were so blessed everywhere we went!  We know God sent us back to Austria, after nearly 13 years, and believe that Austria is a ‘key’ for all of Europe to experience the fire of God like never in its history!  Everywhere, we found the same thing…hunger for more of God’s presence!  What a joy to bring refreshing to the Austrians and to be refreshed ourselves! 

While we were gone, our church also moved forward.  We are so proud of our people!  They came together in unity and God proved Himself to them the very first service when six people were born again!  They also held us up in prayer like we have never experienced before, and we felt it! 

When we returned home, we were very aware that it is still hurricane season… There were reports of Hurricane Tomas coming right over Haiti.  People tried to prepare, but where do you go with no shelters in which to protect yourself?  They prayed for God’s hand to protect them and most of Haiti was spared from what could have been one of the biggest nightmares ever! Even those who stood by, waiting for disaster, could only say ‘We give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!’

It rained in Carrefour, but we experienced no new damage.  We thank God our leaky roof stayed on the church.  It is necessary to replace this roof, but our biggest need has been to save lives by distributing water and food and providing temporary housing and medical care.  We are trusting God for a new roof  ($34,000).   

In Leogane, the flood was much worse, rising up to 10 feet, washing tents and debris out to sea.  Our church in Leogane – now meeting under a circus tent – was the shelter for its members and stood throughout the storm because of much prayer.  Pastor Milien was there, rescuing about 50 of his people, bringing them to higher ground.  No lives were lost, thanks to quick thinking and being at the right place at the right time!

Elections are scheduled for November 28.  We pray for a new God-fearing government that will serve its people.  God bless Haiti with righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

This week, a team from Pennsylvania will come to construct the six houses we received from EcoBlu.  The company’s owner, Steve Conboy, will come to document and oversee his houses being put up.  This is the beginning of something great that will continue for years to come…  At the same time, we will also construct a medical and eye clinic next to the church, which will serve as an outreach to bring many to Christ.

We have been promised a new building for School of Light in Leogane for the 2500 students who lost their schools in the earthquake and are currently meeting in tents.  They will be so grateful to have classrooms again!

All of this is great progress… God is moving ahead with His plan to rebuild Haiti!  Our biggest challenge is to keep everything running…  Finances are needed daily in order to stay afloat.  We are doing all we can and we know that God is our Source.  We also know He works through faithful people like you to get the job done!   Pray, pray, pray for new partners to help us.  Pray for corporations to give.  We have the people with ability ready to develop this land.  Now is the time to move ahead!  All we lack is money.

We are so grateful for the mountain land we own!  Now, we find we must acquire three more parcels of land in the mountain before the City Planner can establish plans for permanent housing, church, schools, clinic, businesses and shopping markets.  We are negotiating right now.  It could be over $100,000.  Hopefully, USAID will fund the road to be paved to the property.

Thank you for your sacrificial gifts to Haiti.  You have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.  Now, we must do the bigger task of getting them off the streets and into a new life! 

We are so grateful for your support and pray for God’s abundant blessings to overtake you.

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

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