November 22, 2010 Haiti

Update November 22, 2010

God is building His kingdom!  Since I last wrote, 30 more have been saved!  Many have been healed and many have been delivered from evil spirits… freedom is coming to our city! 

We have been hosting fantastic teams coming to help us realize a new Haiti.  On the first team was a builder, a funder, a Youth Build Director and a film producer doing a documentary of our rebuilding process.  It was a whirlwind as we filmed our youth in action, then the mountain land where a new community will be built, laying out the properties in Leogane for two new schools and then the actual construction of houses and a clinic on our church property in Carrefour.  

When the owner of EcoBlu arrived, he immediately decided we would build not six, but nine, of these little ‘cottages’ on the property next to our church, along with a bath house,  kitchen/dining room/laundry facility and a clinic!  Then he made plans to send in another 1000 houses! 

Seven men from Pennsylvania began constructing the houses and training our youth to erect them.  Four houses are now up, waiting for siding, solar panels for electricity and front porches!  We had men experienced in plumbing, carpentry, electrical, land development… even a professional landscape architect just for me

Our houses are setting an example of building with materials other than concrete.  This treated wood is also hurricane-proof and earthquake-proof!    These structures go up quickly and can be made in any size and configuration, so we can build housing, clinics and schools. 

The owner will send two of his builders to construct the remaining houses and teach 25 Haitian builders, plus supervisors to oversee each development phase.  Then comes the wonderful landscaping and paving, and our lot will be transformed!  We hope to have all nine units finished and inhabited in January.    

The building team left Saturday morning and another team of four arrived later in the day from Minnesota.  They are spending time with the Haitians, encouraging them in their homes and catching up on the latest things God is doing in Light Ministries every hour of the day!  These are exciting times! 

Everyone who comes to help understands the one thing we are desperate for… more land!  Available land is at such a premium.  We took a team of developers to the mountain and they concurred we will need over 100 acres to fully develop City of Light.  Much mountain land is not usable for development because of its deep ravines and the steep elevation.   

I realize more and more what God was saying when He said ‘Take your mountain!’  In order to develop housing, church, schools, businesses and recreation, plus streets, parking and roads, we may need the whole mountain to find enough for development!  What we own already is ‘developable’, but as we look at other land, we see much is not.  We are so grateful that God has sent men with land development experience to enlighten us. 

The church is continuing to grow in numbers and spiritually.  Continue to pray for ‘faithful men who will teach other faithful men’ to mature in the things of the Spirit.  God has given us this young generation to change the face of this nation and we couldn’t be happier!  As exciting as it is, it is a lot of work too!  Pray for us for strength, wisdom and direction as we lead these people to their ‘promised land.’

Thank you for your continued giving.  Everyday, we are faced with more demands, physically and financially, to see His vision come to pass.  Your faithfulness allows us to move forward.  God has called us to preach and teach His Word and we must never lose sight of our call.  He also said we would rebuild Haiti, so we are not surprised by the demands required, but we need the right people and the finances necessary to carry the load.

Together, we will get the job done!


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