November 24, 2010 Haiti

Update November 24, 2010

These days are busy as usual!  Our guests are going out to visit the Haitian people in their homes, praying and encouraging them.  It is equally encouraging to Terry and me when they return for lunch to report what God did as they obeyed Him.  Here are some comments from the team…

Glen:  I expected to help and minister to the staff and people here, but it has been the other way around.  We have been treated like royalty ever since our arrival. As we have gone out to minister to the people, He has confirmed His Word to us, and has truly shown both us and His people His goodness and mercy.  We have seen many people baptized with the Holy Spirit, healed and restored physically and emotionally.

The Lord touched and healed a man’s vision today as we prayed and anointed him with oil.  A word from the Lord came that by tomorrow morning, his vision will be fully restored, even to the point of a new set of eyes.

We prayed for a woman who had a stroke which affected her left side.  After prayer, she stood up and was made whole.

We found a woman with great faith who, after receiving prayer for her needs, prayed a blessing upon our team.  We have found hungry, receptive people with hearts wide open to receive all that God has for them!                                     

June:  I was so impressed with the Haitians’ response to us.  They insisted we come right into their homes and made sure there were places to sit for each of us.  They were so thankful that we came to visit them.  They always shook our hands and hugged us, including the young men that were with us as interpreters and prayer warriors.                    

Amy:  When we went to different homes, I was so impressed with their prayer requests.  They wanted prayer for their lives to be filled with more of God.  They wanted prayer for unsaved family members.  The Haitians are growing and learning.  It is so exciting to see how God is raising these people up!  I am amazed at how God has used me to minister to the Haitians and how the Haitians have touched my life.

Dave:  A young lady had just lost her father.  She was only 18 years old and all alone.  She was very sad and scared and when we began to pray for her, the Lord revealed that what she needed most was a father’s love.  So, I put my arms around her and the love of God flowed through me to her.  When we were through ministering to her, the weight had been lifted and she was able to smile again.  She then came with us while we were ministering the rest of the morning.  

God is faithful!  There are so many things vying for our time, but He sends others to reach out to our people, encouraging them.  There is nothing like it!  Together, we really are a team!




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