November 25, 2010 Haiti

Update November 25, 2010

We celebrated an American Thanksgiving in Haiti today!  We had a traditional turkey dinner with 18 people – our family, Staff, JP’s dance troupe, Invasion, and our visiting team.  It was a great time around the table, giving thanks to God for what He has done for us!  It was precious how many thanked God for us, their new family, He has given them!  That blessed us!

After lunch, I immediately continued to work on a wedding we will be doing on Saturday for Jean Pierre and Noedia, a couple who have been living together for four years.  After the earthquake, they walked away from voodoo and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord.  They want to be right before God and asked if they could be married.  We will have a wedding celebration for approximately 30 guests in our dining room, now transformed into a wedding chapel!  Life goes on here amid the rubble…

Please keep us in your prayers.  We are torn in so many different directions these days.  Terry and I, as well as our staff, are all getting tired but we cannot afford to sit still yet.   What keeps us going is, knowing you are by our side, upholding us!  We bless God for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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