November 28, 2010 Haiti

Update November 28, 2010

At our Friday night service, the Spirit of God moved us to pray for our nation.  We came against corruption, lies, extortion and broke these things in the spirit.  As we prayed, God brought a great victory!  We are waiting to see how His hand will move Haiti in a new direction!  In the middle of the service, 8 people came forward to give their hearts to Jesus and 30 more came forward to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. They, then began to break through their own bondages and insecurities and see a vision for a new life ahead for them!

We had a wonderful wedding yesterday afternoon!  The couple was really happy with a beautiful ceremony and reception.  It blessed us so much to see this couple who were deeply rooted in devil worship and living in sin for four years make a decision to marry because they want to do things God’s way now that they are born again!  We believe this is just the beginning of several such marriages taking place in our dining room transformed into a ‘wedding chapel’!    

Today was Election Day.  Most churches on the main street were closed, including ours.  Before we were even up this morning, the young people in our yard decided they were going to have church and began setting up the chairs for about 20 people!  The numbers grew as they went out to tell others in the neighborhood that we were having service here.  Nearly 60 people came!   God moved powerfully and many were encouraged to find their destiny.  We believe God set our next team of leaders in place today!  We were so excited!  Even our visitors from the States were ministered to!  It’s such a joy for us to see God’s hand at work; even when the church doors are closed, the people find their way to our yard because they want more of God! 

Regarding the elections, there were 56 places set up to vote.   One candidate sent his people to the voting booth to fill up the boxes with his ballots.  At least three people were shot in drive-by shootings as they were waiting to vote.  A lot of people went to vote but didn’t know there was a list posted outside with names on it.  They waited for hours to get inside to vote, only to find their names were not on the list and they were at the wrong place!  The government had changed the polling stations so people didn’t know where to go!   The government said it was not true, but one of the candidates went to vote and couldn’t find his name on a list!  Twelve candidates represent 60% of the votes and, at 12:00, they cancelled the election because there was so much fraud and only 3% of the population had voted, so that means there was no election today…  Are you confused by this, so is everyone else!  Continue to pray.  This is the Haiti that must change!

The next days could be hot!  The people plan to demonstrate in the streets to have President Preval arrested because of what happened today. 

We’re not moved by what we see, but by what God has promised…a new Haiti!


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